Utah Gives Underoath A Warm Welcome Back

April 2, 2016
The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT

     After a two year break, fans rejoiced as the news of a reuniting band, Underoath, was released. An announcement spread of their first tour since the band’s last played show in 2013. Underoath planned on making the reunited tour special for longed awaited fans, playing the two best album in their entirety, Define The Great Line and They’re Only Chasing Safety. Currently supporting their reunion show is Caspian.

With nearly a two hour set, Underoath began with Young and Aspiring from 2004 album of They’re Only Chasing Safety. The fans could not be more excited at this time as everyone in the band gave it their all. Following with a paused moment for lead vocalist Spencer Chamberlain stating “Salt Lake City, Utah how are we doing tonight?! It feels good to be back man!” The band followed up with discussing how they departed three years ago due to feeling like the band had gone as far as they were able to at that time. However, new & old fans kept their sprits up with the use of social media, expressing their feelings of wanting them back together. Underoath believes they have the best fans in their world and couldn’t ask for more. They announced playing Down Set Go, which was never before played live.

After a brief intermission, Underoath continued the night with In Regards To Myself from 2006 album of Define The Great Line. The energy from Underoath hadn’t stopped for minute as the screams from the fans got louder with every song played. Before the night ended, Chamberlain went into the crowd during one of their most well known songs, Writing on Walls.

Underoath definitely put a performance as their fans couldn’t ask for more. For many, it brought back memories as new memories were established.

Review by: Daisy Beltran