Charles Kelley Drives In A Crowd To Silver Spring, MD

Charles Kelley
April 9, 2016
The Fillmore Silver Spring- Silver Spring, MD

     You’ve all heard of Lady Antebellum right? Well Frontman Charles Kelley has branched off to do a solo album which lead to a tour called The Driver Tour.

Opening up the first night of The Driver tour, older brother Josh Kelley, who was quite the comedian throughout his set, took the stage first with just a guitar in hand and sang songs off his latest cd called New Lane Road, due April 22 via Sugar Hill Records. Kelley shared a lot of “personal” experiences with us on stage, he even stated that his most recent single is based off a fight him and wife, actress Katherine Heigel, had right after they were married, called It’s Your Move. Heigel also directed and starred in the video along side Kelley.

In between songs, Kelley would interact with the fans in the crowd asking them their names and what they personally would like to hear which made the atmosphere a lot more intimate. Kelley also sang a handful of songs off his upcoming album such as, New CharlesKelley-24Lane Road (Which is the album name), One Foot in The Grave and Take It On Back. Throughout Kelley’s set he would make jokes about brother Charles (brotherly love) as well as share a story about a song of his and the meaning of his song Georgia Clay,  which he went on about it being about a truck that his dad was supposed to pass down to him, until it ended up totaled. Kelley then ended his set, leaving everyone all hyped up and ready for Charles Kelley to take the stage.

As Charles Kelley took the stage, he was graced by a jam packed venue full of not only Lady Antebellum fans, but true Charles Kelley fans. Kelley opened up the night with Dancing Around It. Kelley, just recently put out his solo record, The Driver, back in February of this year. During his time on stage he  performed many songs off his solo record such as Your Love, Lonely Girl and the title track, The Driver.

The atmosphere was calm and quite intimate throughout the night. While it was the first night of The Driver Tour, Kelley seemed to be quite comfortable up on stage. While he is known for being the frontman of a very popular country music group, Kelley had no problem giving the fans a little mix of Lady A thrown into the set list as well, such as Goodbye Town, I Run To You and just for giggles, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. That’s when the crowd were a bit louder up until Kelley started to play a Tom Petty cover song.

Kelley definitely knew how to move the crowd. Throughout the night he would also share some personal experiences that inspired or that were based on an real life experience. If you have a chance to check out the remaining dates of The Driver Tour, I highly suggest it. Charles Kelley is just as amazing alone as he is with his group Lady Antebellum.

Review by: Alyssa Howell 

Charles Kelley

Josh Kelley