Deftones Give Los Angeles An Intimate Performance

April 11, 2016
Amoeba Music Store- Los Angeles, CA

      Following the release of Deftones’ long awaited 8th album, Gore, the band treated their Los Angeles fans to a special in-store performance at the famous Amoeba Music Store. Hundreds circled the venue, waiting and hoping to get in. Those who purchased the album when it was released just three days before, on April 8, were guaranteed admission to this once in a lifetime performance, as well as a custom poster. Those who weren’t guaranteed admission, waited in a standby line for hours before the performance.

Shortly after 6:30, the band was introduced and made their way onto the small stage. The short, 30 minute, six song set, began with the beginning track on Gore, Prayers/Triangles. It was instantly followed by the ending track from the new album, Rubicon. The band continued with new songs, playing Hearts/Wires next and then took it back to 2012 with Swerve City. 

Lead singer, Chino Moreno took a moment to thank the crowd for coming out and explained that he thought this performance would be kinda weird, but instead it was super cool. Fans cheered back in agreement and for the remainder of the set acted as if they were at a full on concert, and no longer jammed in between aisles of a music store. The crowd was jumping up and down, and almost started a mosh pit in the store, and the band was loving every minute of it, constantly smiling into the crowd.

Following Rosemary, Moreno gave his in-ear monitors to his guitar tech, and the band proceeded to play their set closer, Rocket Skates. Moreno was jumping all over the tiny stage, and constantly running up into the crowd and having the fans sing, while bassist Sergio Vega jumped in his small spot on stage. The energy continued throughout the song, and although fans wanted more, the band was done for the night. The members threw out guitars pics and drum sticks and thanked the crowd one last time before making their way off stage.

This high energy performance was probably the most intense and aggressive that Amoeba has seen yet. It’s great that the store and bands work together to put on these intimate shows, because many LA fans had gotten their fix and warm-up of Deftones’ show coming up in August.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg