Blaqk Audio Warm Up Los Angeles In Anticipation Of Upcoming Tour

Blaqk Audio
April 19, 2016
Grammy Museum- Los Angeles, CA

      Less than a week after the release of their third full length album, Material, Davey Havok and Jade Puget of the electronica, synth pop group Blaqk Audio held an intimate performance at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

Holding a mere 200 people, the Grammy Museum sound stage was unquestionably sold out, full of fans who enjoy the member’s other projects, AFI and XTRMST. Before the swift three song performance, the duo was interviewed for close to an hour, speaking about the record, distinguishing the process between writing songs for three separate and very diverse projects, among other things. Fans also had an opportunity to ask several questions, which included whether the band would ever perform Mute live, from the bonus track section of the group’s first album, CexCells. Havok quickly responded with a no, mentioning that the pitch was too high for him to perform live. After a few more questions, they thanked the crowd and exited the stage.

Blaqk Audio site-21Not 5 minutes later, Havok and Puget were back on the small stage with strobes flashing throughout the small venue. Their three song set began with Anointed, the first single from Material, which marked the first time the song was performed live. Fans remained reserved, staying in their seats and singing to themselves, aside from a couple fans who stood throughout the performance. Although the set was short, Havok performed with all his flair and agile dance moves. He constantly went off the small stage and toward the seated crowd, even leaning on top of several fans that ‘held him’ up, and getting down on both knees to sing to the two fans that were the only ones not worried about standing up and dancing. The last two songs of the set were both from Cexcells, being Cities Of Night and Stiff Kittens.

The set was short and sweet, and was just enough to make fans even more restless for the duo’s upcoming shows. Following the set, Havok and Puget did a signing, which was a nice treat considering the short set.

We are definitely excited to see more of what Davey Havok and Jade Puget have in store for their upcoming tour. We know it will be full of dancing, singing and it’s definitely something new that AFI or XTRMST fans can experience. So if you’re interested in having a good time, or you want to check something out other than rock, which is what these guys are normally known for, then this is the time to do it. Be sure to grab your tickets for one of Blaqk Audio’s upcoming tour dates, listed below.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg

Date                Venue                          City

May 4              House of Blues            San Diego, CA

May 5              Observatory                Santa Ana, CA

May 6              Troubadour                 Los Angeles, CA

May 7              Ace of Spades              Sacramento, CA

May 10            Doug Fir Lounge          Portland, OR

May 11            Croc                             Seattle, WA

May 13            In The Venue               Salt Lake City, UT

May 14            Bluebird                      Denver, CO

May 16            Turf Club                     Saint Paul, MN

May 17            Bottom Lounge           Chicago, IL

May 18            Mod Club                    Toronto, ON

May 20            Sinclair                        Cambridge, MA

May 21            U Street Music Hall     Washington, DC

May 22            Bowery Ballroom        New York, NY