All Eyes On Iamsu! And Mod Sun In Mesa, Arizona

Iamsu! & Mod Sun
May 14, 2016
The Nile Theater – Mesa, AZ

     Early Saturday evening, fans were already lined up around the Nile Theater in anticipation for Mod Sun and Iamsu!’s performance in Mesa, Arizona. As they waited in line, fans talked passionately with one another about their love for both of the American rappers. Although small, the venue had a nightclub atmosphere, which added to the personable vibe Mod Sun and IAMSU’s performances gave off.

The night started off with several smaller DJs and rappers, such as Salma Slims from Private Club Records and Gio Dee, to get the crowd excited for the rest of the night. The audience screamed as they saw Dylan Smith, known by his stage named Mod Sun, arrive on the side of the stage. Mod Sun definitely brought the energy level of the crowd up when he jumped on stage. It was clear that he tailors his performances to his fans when he asked several times if the audience wanted to hear new or old songs. Although Mod played several new songs that had not been released yet, the crowd still fed off of his energy and jammed out to the new tracks. Before performing his last song, Mod Sun called out that he wanted another drink. When he could not find his assistant to get one for him, a fan in the front row reached out and handed her beer to the rapper, who then raised a toast to the DSC_5589-LReditcrowd and guzzled down the remainder of the drink.

After Mod Sun’s performance, fans cheered as they saw Sudan Ameer Williams, better known as Iamsu!, appear off the side of the stage. But much to their surprise, Iamsu! ran into the crowd and started performing his first song alongside his loyal fans. In reaction to the hype from immediately entering the crowd, Iamsu! said, “This is an IAMSU concert isn’t it?” Fans were ecstatic to dance next to the rapper as he began his performance. Although IAMSU returned to the stage after playing a few songs from the crowd, the crowd did not lose their energy as he played his hit songs such as Gas Pedal and I Love My Squad.

To end the night, Iamsu! thanked his fans for showing him love and assured them that he would take a picture with every person that wanted one. As promised, Iamsu! waited in the crowd for twenty minutes while fans surrounded him taking selfies and asking for autographs.

I had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Iamsu! after the show. When asked if he always performs inside the crowd at his shows, he responded confidently, “Of course – it’s all about connecting with the people.” If you are interested in hearing talented but humble rappers perform, attending one of the shows on the Eyes on Me Tour is definitely the way to go.

Review by: Jessica Padover 


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