BØRNS Serenades Adoring Fans In Washington, DC

May 24, 2016
9:30 Club- Washington, DC

On a Tuesday night in Washington, DC, BØRNS played a show at the 9:30 club with Beau and Coast Modern as the openers. BØRNS’ music can be described as indie pop and is generally upbeat. His iconic style and voice are what set him apart from other indie artists and make his shows a must-see. The opening bands played great sets and really set the whimsical mood for the night, leaving the audience excited for BØRNS’ performance.

After the opening bands had finished, there was a lot of anticipation in the room as fans made their way closer and closer to the stage. The show was sold out. To say that the venue was packed would have been an understatement. There were people everywhere anxiously waiting for BØRNS to take the stage. When he ran out from backstage, the crowd cheered loudly and immediately began singing along to his opening song Seeing Stars from his debut album Dopamine. He continued the show with borns-15other songs from the album, including Dug My Heart, Fool, and The Emotion, which had the crowd swaying back and forth and singing along. BØRNS enthralled his fans when he perfectly hit the first few high notes of Past Lives, which had the crowd mesmerized. For the rest of the song, the crowd was jumping, smiling, and singing along. BØRNS picked up the electric guitar for his song Clouds. As he sang, his voice was gentle while still giving his all to every note that left his mouth. He ended the set with his most popular song called Electric Love. As he began the song, the crowd immediately recognized it and began dancing with their hands up and enjoyed being there in the moment. The song is extremely upbeat, and so was the energy in the room as the song came to an end, leaving the fans wanting more as BØRNS ran off the stage after saying “Goodnight”. The crowd cheered for an encore and waited, excited to see BØRNS take the stage for one more song. Just as they began to lose hope, BØRNS jumped onstage and sang two more songs, until he closed with a tribute to David Bowie by singing his song Heroes, a lovely way to end the evening.

The energy BØRNS brought to the room throughout the show was enchanting and captivating, as was the dream-like vibe set by the fog machines and alternating pink, red, purple, and blue lights. His passion for music was evident in the way he took over the stage with his bright personality, running back and forth, jumping, singing on his knees, being moved by the music, and reaching out to the fans who eagerly grabbed his hand. There was no doubt that he enjoyed performing for such an adoring audience. Throughout the show, he would say things like “Thank you for being here, the show wouldn’t be the same without you” and “You are all so beautiful” and the fans would cheer loudly and shout “We love you” back at him. During most songs, there was a part where he held out the microphone, encouraging the crowd to sing along with him. The fans knew every single word, and sang them enthusiastically. His interaction with and appreciation for the crowd was great. BØRNS’ show was an unforgettable experience that showcased his talent, and appreciation for the fans.

Review by: Cristina Calderon


Coast Modern