Northern Invasion Day 2 Featuring Korn, Sixx A.M. & More

Northern Invasion Day 2
May 15, 2016
Somerset, WI

      Day 2 of Northern Invasion was a complete opposite of Day 1, with temperatures at times in the 60’s – made for the perfect day to see a concert. Fans also responded with selling out Sunday, as well as making the vendors happy consuming their favorite beverages.

Opening the day was a local area band, City of the Weak, bringing a pop/rock edge to this Invasion to get the crowd jumping and pumped up for the day.

The opening band at Main stage was Sevendust. It seemed odd to open so early, to the point singer Lajon Witherspoon mentioned to the crowd that this is the last time they play this early. With that, they showed why after 10 albums and a Grammy nomination they are one of the best live bands in rock.

When Pop Evil walked out, something felt out of place. New drummer, Hayley Cramer took the stage in place of Chachi Riot, who after 5 years has stepped down to focus on family. Took a few songs, but Cramer proved to be a force to be reckoned with behind the drum kit.

Northern Invasion SixxA.M. (7)From Ashes to New just released their album, Day One in February and have been soaring up the charts. Filling a void of Linkin Park, you can’t help but sing-along and scream from the top of your lungs. With tons of energy they got the crowd on the 3rd stage jumping.

Another band that has been on the “Rise” is Sixx:A.M. Since seeing them 2 weeks ago, their set has tightened and ran like a well-oiled machine. In a field of copycat music or fresh, Sixx:A.M. have brought uplifting lyrics to rock. DJ Ashba and Nikki Sixx have formed a true bond on stage and it shows through, along with singer, James Michael leading fans to sing along.

Wisconsin fans were also treated to Seether, Bring me the Horizon, Saint Asonia and Butcher Babies.

The highlight of Day 2 was Korn, playing just a few festivals in America before going overseas to tour. Since reuniting with guitarist, Brain Head Welch, they have not sounded better. Head has just released his new book “With My Eyes Wide Open,” which talks about his restoration of his life and with Korn.

Korn will be back to play at the Chicago Open Air festival as well as a tour of the states.

Northern Invasion has the potential to be one of the biggest festivals. It just might need some tweaking with – to be held in May or even first week of June – but you could not ask for a better site.
Review By: Peter Lizano


Butcher Babies 


Red Sun Rising 

City of the Weak 

From Ashed to New 

Pop Evil 

Saint Asonia 


Sixx A.M.