Lamb Of God & Clutch Deliver An Intense Show In Pomona, CA

Lamb of God & Clutch
May 28, 2016
Fox Theater- Pomona, CA

Clutch is a rock band from Maryland, USA. Active since the 90’s, they have released eleven studio albums including their newest album Psychic Warfare in 2015. Clutch joined Lamb of God on their current USA tour which proved to be an interesting choice given the two different types of music. Clutch came out to an already packed venue and were greeted by fans. They started the show with Sucker for the Witch from the new album. Given Clutch is a rock band, it was something different for Lamb of God fans. Some had no interest for them and others didn’t seem to mind. Some enjoyed the band as mosh pits started to keep the pace going. Clutch kept the energy of their show going as they played songs like: The House That Peterbilt, Decapitation Blues, X-Ray Visions, and A Quick Death in Texas. Frontman Neil Fallon was very energetic during the show as he ran around on stage making gestures with his hands all while performing the music with precision. As a treat for the audience, Corrosion of Conformity guitarist Pepper Keenan came out to join Clutch for a performance of the song Spacegrass. Clutch finished their show with Your Love Is Incarceration and took their leave as the audience was ready for the band of the night.

LOG and Clutch-2
Lamb of God
is currently one of the biggest bands around so it’s no surprise the show ended up being sold out. The band has been making headlines as of late starting with frontman Randy Blythe’s incarceration in the Czech Republic in Prague after a fan died at a Lamb of God concert to which Blythe was later acquitted of the charges.

Lamb of God released their seventh studio album Sturm Und Drang on July 24, 2015. Lamb of God has been actively touring for the album and this current tour was one of the many shows they’ve got lined up. The lights went out and their fans went absolutely berserk. The stage lit up with candles that were covering the stage and gave the stage a very ominous feel. Lamb of God came out to their dedicated fans as they started the show with one of their best songs and perfect opening song, Walk with Me in Hell. Because a song like that will get the crowd going, shoving commenced as well as a mosh pit in the middle of the floor. The intensity of the song itself would get anyone going wild with the ending lyric, “Take hold of my hand…for you are no longer alone! Walk with Me in Hell!”. The opening song finished and the crowd was still going wild and cheering. Lamb of God next played Ruin and it proved to be just as crazy as the opening song. Randy Blythe was very energetic during his performance as he ran around on stage and jumped around regularly. The third song was 512 which earned the band a Grammy nomination for best metal performance. Ghost Walking was next and is a song from their previous Resolution album. For the next song, Blythe came out and said that this next song is dedicated to the people in the armed forces. People that are away from home for months or years at a time and to those that don’t get to come home. The next song played was Now You’ve Got Something to Die For. It is one of the band’s best songs and always makes the crowd go wild and gets crazy mosh pits going. The next song performed was the first track from the new album Still Echoes which Blythe wrote while in prison. Lamb of God kept the energy going with songs like: Descending, The Faded Line, and Blacken the Cursed Sun. Blythe took a quick break to let the crowd know that they were about to play a song they’ve never played in California before and it was the new song, AnthropoidLOG and Clutch-25

Hourglass served as the show’s ending song and the band left the stage to a restless crowd. The crowd chanted, “Lamb of God! Lamb of God! Lamb of God!”. The band listened and they played the first encore song, Vigil. It’s one of the band’s older songs, but still delivers live and fans loved destroying each other on the floor. Blythe addressed the audience once more and thanked them for coming out and to now put their middle fingers in the air as they were preparing to play the band’s most popular song, Laid to Rest. Fans love singing along to the lyrics, “Destroy yourself! See who gives a fuck!”. To end the show, Lamb of God played Redneck. Another one of the band’s best song, Blythe ordered the biggest mosh pit of the night. The fans delivered and most of the floor came alive and gave Lamb of God a huge mosh pit to make them proud. Lamb of God finished the show and left the audience satisfied from an electrifying performance. Lamb of God is still a live spectacle and their performance will surely leave you feeling with a sense of being proud to be a fan so if they come to your area, be sure to go see them!

Review by: Misael Ruiz

Lamb of God