Taake Slays First Ever Los Angeles Performance

June 11, 2016
Regent Theater- Los Angeles, CA

    Taake is a legendary black metal band from Norway formed in 1993 by singer Hoest. Taake is the old spelling of the Norwegian word meaning “fog”. In 2014, Taake played their first USA show at the Maryland Deathfest. This year they embarked on their first west coast tour and on June 11th, played in Los Angeles for the first time ever. Many metalheads and especially fans of black metal were more than excited to see one of the best black metal bands around. The event was an after party for the Sound and Fury Fest; therefore, doors to the venue didn’t open until 10:30pm. Regardless, fans were lined up long before doors opened as they anticipated the arrival of one of black metal’s best bands.

Due to doors opening so late and there being two opening bands, Taake didn’t take the stage until just after 1am. Even then, the venue was already packed and possibly sold out. Fog machines had been actively releasing fog into the venue to give the whole venue an eerie presence. The lights went out and fans cheered as the members of Taake came out to start the show with Nordbundet (Northbound). Hoest himself came out in full black metal attire and contact lenses to truly give himself a sinister look. One of the first things you’ll notice is that Taake‘s lyrics are written in the band’s native tongue and are also sung in 22taakeNorwegian. Fans didn’t seem to mind the language barrier as a mosh pit broke out and fans started going crazy as they had been literally waiting all day and all night for this moment. After the powerful opening song, Taake continued the show with Du Ville Ville Vestland (The Wild Wild West). Hoest would let out his legendary black metal growls that drove fans insane along with his bandmates’ precision playing. Fog machines would regularly let out fog to keep the fog effect of the show going, yet it didn’t seem to bother Hoest at all and felt right at home. Hoest was having fun performing fans as he would regularly say after songs, “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”. Taake would continue to play songs such as: Det fins en prins (There is a prince), Orm (Snake), and Fra Vadested til Vaandesmed (From Ford to Sorrow’s Smith). Kable Lyall of the previous opening band Young and in the Way came out to sing along to the song Hordaland doedskvad Part III (Hordaland’s death-chant). The audience could easily notice the banjo sitting on stage waiting to be brought out to use. Next up was supposed to be the song Myr (Bog), but due to the venue’s 2am curfew, security cut the band’s set short even though Taake still had a few more songs left. The song loudly chanted, “One more song! One more song!” in hopes that maybe the venue will be nice enough for just one more song. Sadly, the Regent Theater kept up its reputation of being a terrible venue with bands and fans and started escorting fans out the doors as a loud “booooo!!” could be heard coming from all directions. Fans felt ripped off waiting all night, paying full price, and ended up having the band’s set cut short. Even after the show, you could still see happy faces as many fans were glad to finally have a chance to see Taake and hopefully they come back around for a proper show without interruptions. A full hour and a half Taake show without interruptions? In the words of Hoest, “now that’s what I’m talking about!”.

Review by: Misael Ruiz