In This Moment & Hellyeah Rock Corpus Christi, TX

In This Moment
June 27, 2016
Concrete Street Amphitheater- Corpus Christi, TX

   On June 27, 2016: American metal bands Hellyeah & In This Moment rocked Corpus Christi fans to the core at the Concrete Street Amphitheater. Devoted concert enthusiasts of all ages gathered outside the venue gates in the hot & humid south Texas heat, anxious to catch some of the hottest metal groups on tour this summer. The gates opened at 6:00pm and people began filing into the venue in drones of 6×6… The lucky fans with V.I.P admission entered the gates earlier for their meet-and-greet, photos, autographs & more.

The evening began with the opening band Sunflower Dead, grabbing the crowd’s attention first visually & again audibly with a look & sound reminiscent of old school Mudvayne. Sunflower Dead, took it to Corpus Christi’s dome with a very entertaining set-list, smacking the fans in attendance in the teeth with hits like Dead to me; Weird; Mother Mortis; Dances with Death; Wasted; The Point of Decision & many more. The well-received band left the stage leaving the crowd in a wake of “Shock & Awe” Dumbfounded & jaw-dropped the crowd cheered as the band made their exit.

JHW_1114The stagehands busted ass removing gear off the stage, like a well-oiled, finally tuned machine…  Before anyone knew it, Shaman’s Harvest took to the stage giving the Concrete Street crowd their brand of southern Rock. Opening their set with Blood in The Water, Shaman’s Harvest captivated the fan’s immediately, the crowd erupted into cheers as the song kicked into gear with heavy bass & crispy, crunchy guitar riffs, as the band is engulfed in an indigo blue light…

Shaman’s Harvest continued with Here It Comes, blowing the crowd away from the start of the song’s drums. Following in succession Shaman’s Harvest played Devils Gift; Dangerous, and amazing cover southern rock cover of Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit Dirty Diana. Causing the crowd to lose it with enjoyment as the band cranked out this classic pop-hit. Shaman’s Harvest continued rocking the crowd with more hits like In The End; Turn It Up & Hero before leaving stage & the crowd cheering, begging for more.

The sun had set in the distance, the crowd was good and worked up from the previous bands rocking performances. The lights dimmed to a black void as the crowd began cheering… Vinnie Paul, took his place behind his massive trap-set. The rest of the band members came out one-by-one leaving Chad Gray to come out last… The lights came on & were a fiery red, orange & yellow as Gray made his way out onto the stage. Hellyeah opened their set with X; The 2nd track off the band’s 2016 album Unden!able his rocking-heavy, ditty began with guitars & drums playing along in syncopation with each other. Chad Gray kicking the teeth in lyrically & vocally while he sang along in syncopation with the guitars & drums every chorus of this dynamite filled song…

Continuing their night, Hellyeah crushed-on with Demons in the Dirt & Sangre por Sangre; (title track off the 2014 album Blood for Blood) before paying homage to ¼ of the “big 4” by performing a snippet of Slayer’s Raining Blood… Continuing their audible assault, Hellyeah cranked out their hit Moth, the 4th song on the 2014 chart topping album Blood for Blood. Advancing this metal injected night even further with more hits, Hellyeah played Cross to Bier (Cradle of Bones); Human; Say When & a mind blowing cover of Phil Collins’s I Don’t Care Anymore that featured spine tingling guitar riffs by none other than Dimebag Darrell; it was truly like hearing Dime, play from the beyond while the rest of the band played their parts to the teeth & bringing tear to the eyes of many in attendance that night. Hellyeah ended their evening appropriately and treated the crowd to Hellyeah, the self-titled track off the self-titled album Hellyeah… As the band left the stage, the fans cheered and the stagehands JHW_1422again busted ass removing Hellyeah’s gear off the stage, wasting no time what-so-ever.

That time of the evening had fallen upon us. A large banner dawning a Black Widow Spider was hung in front of the stage, blocking the view from the crowd while the stagehands worked their magic behind the curtains.  The lights dimmed & changed color to an icy, dark blue. The crowd began screaming as fog started rolling out from the sides of the banner… It wasn’t long before a couple stagehands dropped the banner & the music began pounding the chest of each individual of the front row. In This Moment began their theatrically phenomenal night with Sick Like Me & bled seamlessly into Black Widow, the title-track off the 2014 album Black Widow.

The amazing night continued with Adrenalize; Sex Metal Barbie & Burn…  Burn is the 7th track off the 2012 album Blood. Burn began soft & somber with a low bass drone in the background as an eerie yet beautiful piano being lazily played gently just before being punched in the face by some hard & heavy, metal guitars & drumming, completed by the powerhouse vocals Maria Brink brings to every amazing show… After the song ended the crowd cheered very loud, louder than a hundred Harley Davidson’s barreling down an empty highway at 3:00am. After which lead vocalist, Brink began walking around introducing the band to the crowd exclaiming that each one has a special place in her love filled heart. She then exclaimed she’s going to let the boys have a little fun and slowly sauntered off back-stage leaving the male members to rock the crowd til their faces melted off.

After a brief 2-minute intermission with Rise with Me playing over the loud speakers. The band continued their night with The Fighter; Fallen Heroes; Big Bad Wolf… Big Bad Wolf is the second single off the band’s 2014 album Black Widow. This song was as awesome live as it is on the album hard, heavy full of cuts & deep bass riffs. Directly after, the band knocked off their chart topper Whore and sadly ended this amazing night with Blood; sending the crowd into a fit of liveliness & joyful cheering as this theatrical rock opera came to a close. What an amazing night of metal & visually stunning theatrics performed by Maria Brink, In This Moment, & In This Moment’s Blood girls… What an amazing night by the boys in Hellyeah as well. When this tour comes around your way make sure you do everything in your power to catch these stunning acts live, in person. Definitely a not to be missed event that will leave you reeling in the end…

Review by: Jared Wingate 

In This Moment


Shaman’s Harvest

Sunflower Dead