Us the Duo Bring The ‘Just Love Tour’ To Washington, DC

Us the Duo
August 5, 2016
9:30 Club- Washington, DC

On a Friday night in Washington, DC, The Gardiner Sisters opened the night for Us the Duo’s Just Love Tour. The three Gardiner Sisters played a bold set with their angelic harmonies. Their sweet personalities and fun interactions with the crowd made for an exciting start to the night ahead.

Us the Duo is a pop duo whose members include Carissa and Michael Alvarado, a married couple from Los Angeles, CA. The duo began their musical careers by creating a Vine account and singing 6 second covers. Their popularity rapidly increased and they are now touring the USA on their Just Love Tour.

As soon as Us the Duo took the stage, the crowd immediately began cheering and clapping. They opened their set with their song Telephone followed by Come Running Back and I Will Wait for You. Their talent and love for each other attracts fans of all ages who often wonder about the story of how the two fell in love. Michael said he would answer this question with their romantic song Make You Mine, during which, the duo exchanged flirtatious looks, smiles, and laughs; the crowd swooned and cheered them on utd-4every time they exchanged glances and winks. The two continued the night with Safe, a slow song with an eerie feeling that had the crowd captivated. Their voices completely silenced the crowd and there was not a sound made throughout the entire venue. The loud applause at the end of the song made it clear the the fans absolutely adored the duo.

Towards the middle of the show, Michael announced that they were going to quiet things down by playing an intimate acoustic version of Falling in Love, a song that transported the audience to the streets of Paris with a quintet that consisted of the acoustic guitar and melodica. Us the Duo continued the night with more crowd pleasers such as Never Gonna Leave You, which was accompanied by bright flashing lights and dancing. The duo sang a cover of One Love by Bob Marley just after explaining how all of the world’s problems could be solved if everyone would just love. The crowd enjoyed the cover and sang along as Michael and Carissa held their microphones out to them during the chorus. After playing a few more songs, the duo said goodnight and left the stage. The fans cheered for the band to return to the stage, chanting “One more song!”. Eventually, Michael returned with the band and they each played a jazzy solo with their instruments. When Carissa joined them, they began singing a jazzy rendition of September by Earth, Wind & Fire. Finally, they closed the show with their song Just Love which left the crowd applauding and yelling. It was an overall great night full of love and laughter.

Review by: Cristina Calderon

Us The Duo

Gardiner Sister