Bristow, VA Got To Toke With Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg During The High Road Tour

Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg
July 31, 2016
Jiffy Lube Live- Bristow, VA

       Jiffy Lube Live seemed to have a bit of “cloudiness” hovering above. Was it a storm? Or was the smoke coming from the buses of the Kings from The High Road Tour, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg? Without a doubt, it came from the busses & fans alike, but then again, what else would you expect from a tour that features these two as their headliners?

Opening up the night was Casey Veggies, a rapper who was originally a founding member of Odd Future, who went solo. Veggies played a few of his most popular songs such as Faces, Tied Up and Life Changes.

Up next was the very talented Jhene Aiko. With four energetic rappers I felt she was a bit out of place on this tour. The crowd sat mute for most of the set, though they definitely got a bit more energetic once she played an extended version of her verse from Omarion’s Post to Be. Great vocals on her and she sure did gain a few fans throughout her set.

Snoop-57Let’s just say Snoop Dogg and Wiz Kahlifa executed a fantastic co-headlining tour, and they definitely work well together. The two traded off stage time for the first half of the set. Starting off the night with a huge blunt in hand was Mr. Snoop Dogg.  After a few songs off Snoop’s setlist, the DJs quickly transitioned to play many different hit singles for Wiz Khalifa, who played many of his hit singles such as Bake Sale, Black & Yellow and We Dem Boyz. Within each song for each set, they were paired with appropriately trippy imagery and rotating marijuana plants.

The amount of energy they gave while performing together is undeniably a good time. Eventually the night slowed down for Khalifa’s top single, See You Again, which was written about the Fast and The Furious’ late Paul Walker. Khalifa asked the crowd to pay their respects with a moment of silence. After a nice tribute to Walker, the energy started to pick back up and turned into one hell of a party. Finally the two tag teamed and sang Young, Wild & Free to end such a fantastic night!

Review by: Alyssa Howell 

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