Review of Blackmore’s Debut Album, ‘Neo’

Album Review:
Blackmore – ‘Neo’

      A promising musical career is headed for local Los Angeles based Melodic Metal band Blackmore. The band consists of VIZA’s very own lead vocalist, K’noup Tomopoulos; Alongside K’noup, on guitars are Shaunt Sulahian, Vahan Aslanyan, with Andy Terzyan, on bass & Vinny Mezian beating the drums. Neo begins off-the-cuff, grabbing you by surprise with the heavy hitter Tsunami… Tsunami has that kind of fast fingering that would make even the most seasoned veteran turn their heads; complimented by the phenomenal vocal stylings of K’noup & in time drumming.

God Sells follow suit on the album. This stunning track begins hard & fast both lyrically and instrumentally for about 15 seconds until it shifts into something that will make any fan begin jumping, and shifts yet again during the chorus for a completely different sound than what we started off with, quite reminiscent of Nordic Metal or Viking Rock. Sure to be a live-pit-hit for sure with all the tempo & style changes in one track…

The 3rd track on Neo, is 72, a song that’s evocative of Tool, Alter Bridge & Avenged Sevenfold. Very catchy and grows on you from the first 3 seconds into the amazing track. I don’t want to give up too much on this masterpiece of a track without you all checking it out for yourself… 4th song down the line is Starlord; starts off with a midi, sounding as though you’re about to fight one of the bosses from Contra or Double Dragon. Don’t let this fool you, as it is quickly bled in seamlessly with Vinny Mezian’s quick double bass drumming complimented by the fast fingering bass guitar.

DSC_6730-3Roses are Dead, the 5th track on the album is a quick dark little ditty that packs a massive punch. This four-minute track straight-up kicks teeth in from beginning to end and with K’noup’s amazing vocal stylings gnashing its way all the way through, proving he has something amazing to contribute to the Metal World.

Directly after Roses Are Dead is 3 Ballets. 3 Ballets (My personal favorite) begins with some soft guitars and vocals singing soulfully while the drummer taps lightly, on the symbol before the song comes in full force 41 seconds into the track with some light symphonic strings playing gently behind the guitars & drums. A track I certainly can’t wait to jam in my vehicle to help pump me up before covering a show.

Quick guitar fingering starts off the 7th track, Eye for an Eye. With the band coming in full-force just 4 seconds into the extraordinary track that touches base on reasons of righteous retribution, dogmatic wars & other touchy subjects. Nosedive continues the album with some heavy speed metal drumming and more melodic guitar, coupled with a catchy chorus that will remind you slightly of CKY’s Flesh into Gear. If this is indeed you’re thing, then this track is for you…

9th track Out of Reach starts off with an eerie wind blowing softly then kicking in heavy with guitars & slows it down again for a bit while K’noup Tomopoulos sings a little melody before heading right back into some more quick fingered guitars & bass. Cold Night (Icarus Song) happens to be the longest track on the album but also ends said album on a heavier note with K’oup channeling the still living soul of Operation Mind Crime’s lead vocalist Geoff Tate (Formally Geoff Tates Queensryche) while the band cranks out the longest track on, Neo…

I give this album a 7/10, for creative melodic speed metal.

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Review by: Jared Wingate