Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Conclude The ‘Future Now’ Tour In Los Angeles, CA

Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas
September 17, 2016
The Forum- Los Angeles, CA

       After performing in 42 cities over the course of three months, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and Mike Posner made their way to The Forum for their 43rd, and final show of the Future Now Tour.

Opening the night was Mike Posner, a pop, R&B and hip-hop artist from Detroit, MI. Posner warmed the young crowd up, doing sing alongs and letting his band shine, through solos including a quite impressive saxophone solo by Jacob Scesney. Posner himself impressed with his vocal range and had the crowd on his side throughout the set.

Following Posner’s short but entertaining set was Nick Jonas. With three solo albums, this Jo-Bro really impressed the nearly packed Forum. Repping denim on denim, jeans and a jacket, the singer came out on stage and began his set with Levels. Instantly the production captivated the crowd, with light beaming out in every which direction and screens playing different scenes. Jonas showed why his latest album, Last Year Was Complicated has been such a hit amongst fans and critics alike. He nailed every note and impressed with his stage persona, making all the girls in the audience scream for him. His set was packed full of energy, playing The Difference, Chains, Champagne Problems and more. Smoke canons shot up on stage as Jonas interacted with the crowd, taking a fan’s cellphone and taking a selfie on it, before handing it back. As if the fans weren’t having a good enough time nick-jonas-3already, Jonas performed one of his most popular hits to date, Bacon.

Nick Jonas had the entire audience warmed up and not even 2 minutes after he left the stage, the lights dimmed for the one and only Demi Lovato. Every single person in the venue stood up out of their seats, almost on command as the intro music began. As the lights shined onto the stage, there stood Lovato, in a fierce commanding pose, with one hand on her hip, on top of a riser as she looked out into the crowd. Cell phones went into the air as she started the night with Confident. The riser lowered so she was on stage level as the song continued. The production behind her was even better than Jonas’, with bright, vivid colors and patterns alternating constantly, going along with each song. She continued her set, performing more hits including Heart Attack, Body Say, Cool For Summer and more. Lovato really took control of the stage and the crowd sang along to each and every word. She pulled out a cover of (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin and if anyone had any doubts about her voice, the doubts were put to rest as she really did justice to the song.

It was no surprise when Nick Jonas came back on stage and joined Lovato for a few songs, including Body Say and Jonas’ biggest hit to date, Close. Further, Jonas went on to play the piano as Lovato belted out the lyrics to Stone Cold. Individually, these two can definitely hold their own, but together they really compliment each other & their chemistry on stage is nothing to be ignored. Although it was no surprise the two would perform together, it was a surprise to LA when Nick Jonas began to tease the crowd, demi-lovato-3“One of the surprises is about to come out now… me and him go back a long time.” The audience burst into cheers, catching on to what he was saying. Jonas smiled, “I think you might know who it is.” With no formal introduction needed, Nick Jonas began playing the opening chords to Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, whose lead singer is Joe Jonas (for those who are living under a rock and don’t know). The lights shined and DNCE came out, with everyone in the crowd screaming in excitement, singing along verbatim.

The Future Now Tour really impressed and ended on a definite high in Los Angeles, CA. Both Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato should be on your bucket list to see, if they aren’t already. Each impressed individually and came together at the end to blow everyone away.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

Demi Lovato

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