Moosh & Twist Bring Philly To Seattle

Moosh & Twist
September 21, 2016
Chop Suey – Seattle, WA

     For those who do not know of Moosh & Twist, they’re a group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Moosh and Twist have known each other since they were six years old and have been making music since they were twelve or thirteen. Experiencing most of life together has made for an inseparable bond and stage presence. With that bond they put on an incredible show that’s full of energy and makes the whole crowd feel part of the night. While in Seattle, you could tell the crowd was ready for them to start. Even though there were only about 40+ people, that didn’t stop the crowd or the guys from making it a great night!

For most of the tour, their opener Pryde would go on, and then Moosh & Twist. But for the Seattle show they combined their sets together. The night started out with Moosh & Twist performing songs from their debut album Growing Pains such as Woah and 2am in Philly, which touch base on their personal life, talks about their life with music and the tour life. Within minutes the crowd was following every word with them. The boys had a DJ and a drummer on stage which made for a better live performance img_6572and also made the album come more alive. After a few more songs, Twist spoke some words to the crowd to explain what the night would consist of (the combination of the sets) and to just see how Seattle has been since they were last there. All together the night started out great, this duo does a great job at keeping the show creative, fresh and most importantly, lit.

With the tour being named after their album Growing Pains the night consisted of songs from the album. As the night went on and got more pumped, they played songs such as Gimme Dat and I Don’t Care. At one point Twist called someone out in the crowd because he was having such a good time and requested the song Champion. Moosh got a chance to speak, asked the crowd if they have someone they consider their ride or die, someone who they can always count on. After several “woos” they finally played All That I Know, which is a popular song of their’s that originally features Hoodie Allen. Twist ended up telling the crowd he wanted to have a mosh pit, then proceeded to jump in the crowd and everyone followed in and it was giant rage in the tiny venue.

All in all, the night was one to remember. The Philly natives had a wonderful time with this crowd, with all the fans knowing most of the words and making it an incredible night. They really gave us a glimpse of their growing pains from the album. This tour is loaded with endless fun, and so much involvement from everyone on the show. The moment it was over, fans immediately lined up at the merch stand to meet them. I know these guys are going to go incredibly far, and that the rest of tour will be something to remember.

Review by: Blair Walker