Salt Lake City Gets Down With Disturbed

September 27, 2016
Maverik Center – Salt Lake City, UT

     Disturbed, the heavy metal band that went on hiatus since fall of 2011, finally made their official return on Tuesday, June 23 of 2015. The band that has headlined Ozzfest more than once and that have had four installments of their own tour, finally started touring.

Finally, the moment that the crowd has been waiting for arrived. Exactly at 9:25pm, red lights dimmed the stage and audience. The crowd went wild as shadows appeared behind a curtained stage. One by one, the returning band mates made their way onto the massive stage. The moment the curtains dropped, Disturbed opened up with Ten Thousands Fists following with The Game. Just by the third song, The Vengeful Once, crazy crowd surfers were seen all over the pit. By the fourth song, Prayer, the crowd was engulfed with a most pit.

As Disturbed was about to start the fifth song, main singer David Draiman, spoke to the crowd, “My brothers and sisters… speak to me! West Valley City, are you ready? Make people think so! Are you ready?” The crowd went insane as Disturbed kicked off Liberate. Throughout the song, Draiman constantly pumped up the crowd, encouraging them to prepare themselves for what was to come, “Are you ready?!

Disturbed_9/27/16;SLC,UTThough the crowd has been going wild since Disturbed set foot on stage, the atmosphere seemed to change as blue lighting reflected onto the audience. Draiman asked the crowd, “Fire up the lighters, light up the cell phones, hold them up in the air people, now is the time.” The crowd screams and cheers in delight as Disturbed began the Sound of Silence.

The most pits and crowd surfing returned as Disturbed played Stricken. With the concert coming to an end, Draiman speaks inspiring words from his heart to his fans:

God, there’s so many things I want to say that I’m just not going to, cause I’m tired of getting myself in trouble. There’s so many things in this town that could be said about a heavy metal show going on here; I’m not going to do it. What I will do, is I will say, that it’s a pleasure coming back. And let me tell you: in today’s crazy world, with the crazy shit going on; this complete joke of an election we’re gonna have; with the complete joke of the media that’s plaguing us every day; with people’s obsession of the bullshit that’s going on in the world instead of focusing on the things that are important; the world needs hard rock and heavy metal more than it ever has. You come to a concert like this to forget about all the bullshit going on for a few hours, am I right? We help one another; you make us strong, we make you strong, we leave feeling stronger than when we came. So we, members of Disturbed, want to thank each and every one of you for giving us this gift, thank you. Now, shall we continue with our departure from the bullshit of the world? Let’s do it.”

The concert goes on with the songs Land of Confusion and Indestructible, before Disturbed thanks Salt Lake City, and exits the stage. Of course, riled up fans refuse to leave the concert without the one song they have been waiting for all night. Disturbed returns back on stage, and began playing one of their most famous songs, Down With the Sickness which puts the perfect ending to a concert that everyone had been waiting for years. The concert ends with Draiman telling the audience to repeat this chant after him, “We are… Disturbed!

Make sure to buy tickets to see Disturbed going to cities near you. You absolutely do not want to miss this wild, amazing concert. It has been worth the wait to see Disturbed after all these years. The heavy metal band truly cares for their fans, and you can feel that passion as they perform. Overall, Disturbed put forth a concert like no other.

Review by: Yesenia Beltran