Sam Lachow Celebrates His Birthday In Seattle, WA

Sam Lachow
October 16, 2016
Neumos – Seattle, WA

    On the evening of October 16th, after a crazy storm and an incredible win from the Seattle Seahawks, every fan that could get a ticket was lined up around the corner, waiting for the doors to open. It was rainy and windy but that didn’t stop from the dedication that these fans have. It was a celebration of local rapper and producer, Sam Lachow’s 26th birthday party. There was a crazy storm the last few days and an incredible game (and win) for the Seahawks, even after all that, fans were still in line wrapped around the building waiting for the sold out show to start at Neumos! Lachow has built a passionate and loyal vibe in the city, and as he said in his song Wrong Man “I’m just trying to make sure my city shines on the internet!” The night was to be full of many friends, good times and all around a huge party!

For as many shows as I can remember, Neumos has been a perfect host of them. Their light show & acoustics have never disappointed. The night started out with DJ Beeba, who as well goes by Nick Beeba who is 1 of 3 of the group BFA (Brothers From Another) who is another local rap group. Nick is well known of this area and this venue, so therefore it wasn’t hard to get the crowd hyped for the show. He put songs like Trap Queen, Brocoli, Bitch Better Have My Money, etc. From the moment Beeba started his set to when he ended the set, you could tell the crowd wanted more. Nick did an incredible job at getting the img_7812show ready.

Now, what the crowd had been waiting for, SAM LACHOW! As the lights dimmed to a blue tone, the anticipation grew stronger. As the set list says the first song was an Epic Intro! Lachow being from Seattle, is very big about his lot people he works with as well, being from Seattle. Lachow went on to perform Action Figures that featured longtime friends Ariana DeBoo & Gifted Gab who are also from Seattle. The music stopped so that Saint Claire, their violinist could start playing Happy Birthday while everyone in the crowd sang along! The night continued with songs like Black Sheep & Good To Be Home.

Starting back in 2012, Lachow released a song called 80 Bars where he basically just makes his own raps over other beats that most of us know. In 2013, he released 80 Bars Part 2, which became extremely popular! Then 2 years ago in November, he put out The 80 Bars EP which had Part 3-5, as well the other two on it. Last night Lachow performed bits and pieces of all 5 parts and was going in and out of jumping in the crowd. Lachow went to perform one of his other popular songs Banana Goo Pie, which features his friend Ryan Campbell. In 2014, his debut album Huckleberry was released, a song on the track list Treehouse that again features Ariana DeBoo was up next and it is an incredibly powerful song. Later in the night, another local rapper, Nacho Picasso, came out to perform Lemony Snicket. Lachow announced that he was bringing out Sol & BFA to perform their song Hands Hanging Out, and how crazy that got is indescribable. The show ended with an encore of Lachow performing Young Seattle Part 4, which only features artist that are local.

This night was a true experience that is really only best felt from being there. I know this was a great way to bring in Sam Lachow’s 26th birthday, and he won’t forget it. If you are from Seattle, then you know how loyal the fans are to the scene that has been built here, and everyone that was a part of the night was just a reminder of that. Neumos was the only place where this could have been held, where it all started. Happy Birthday, Sam Lachow!

Review by: Blair Walker