Relient K And Switchfoot’s ‘Looking For America’ Tour Ends Up In Silver Spring, MD

Relient K & Switchfoot
October 26, 2016
The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD

    Relient K and Switchfoot held their co-headlining tour Looking For America to The Fillmore Silver Spring. Not only did both bands come to serenade their adoring fans, they also both recently released new albums: Air For Free by Relient K and Where the Light Shines Through by Switchfoot. Each setlist had a good handful of songs they played that night that were from their recent releases.

The show started around 7:15PM with Relient K being the first to take the stage. They opened with the song Local Construction which is a single from their newly released record, Air For Free. The band also played Bummin and Mrs. Hippopotamus from the new album. Throughout the set, Relient K favored some of their older hits from previous albums such as Sadie Hawkins Dance and Who I Am Hates Who I Am. Not only did they get some good feedback from the fans as they played older hits, they also played, Be My Escape, which seemed to be the hit of the night.

The band ended their set with their lengthy song, Deathbed, in which they brought out lead singer Jon Foreman of Switchfoot to sing along with. Relient K definitely left the crowd hyped up and ready for Switchfoot to take the stage.

After a pretty long 30-minute intermission, Switchfoot finally took the stage as they opened up with, Holy Water, a single off their newest record, Where The Light Shines Through. Not only were the fans given some new material, the band also played their more popular/older hit songs Meant to Live and Dare You To Move.

Overall, Switchfoot’s stage presence was what every fan would want to see at a show. Jon Foreman, lead vocalist, would interact with the fans and even ended up in the crowd as he crowd surfed a few times as he kept performing throughout the pit area. Not only was the fan interaction great, the production itself was mind blowing, the lighting of each song really set the mood for each of the songs themes. The night ended with bubbles and red and yellow confetti that covered the crowd as they ended their twelve song and three song encore that ended with Dare You To Move.

Review by: Alyssa Howell


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