Folk Rockers Lewis Del Mar Sell Out Show In Los Angeles, CA

Lewis Del Mar
November 3, 2016
Troubadour- Los Angeles, CA

     Up and comers, Lewis Del Mar proved they are a force to be reckoned with, during their SOLD OUT show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA. “This is our first headline tour and it was sold out a month in advance so thank you very much.” Lead singer and guitarist, Danny Miller said after playing their first of 13 songs.

The duo, consisting of lifelong friends, singer and guitarist Danny Miller and drummer Max Hardwood were accompanied by a backing band, making the live show more entertaining. Nick Chatham provided backing vocals and keys, Drew Hart was on bass duties and Seon Gomez rocked the guitar.

The band performed all the songs off their first self titled album and included a cover of Rihanna’s Needed Me. They played their more well known song, Wave(s) early on in the set, which was followed by Miller complimenting the crowd. “You guys are some sexy motherfuckers!”

Miller constantly thanked the sold out crowd for coming out and his energy on stage radiated through the venue. Max Hardwood rocked a part electronic, part acoustic drum kit, making for some interesting, unique sounds that are true to the style of the band and is part of the reason they are so unique.

“I wrote this song about my parents… I love my parents… I love my mom,” Miller said while smiling at the cheering crowd. “Anyone else here love their mom?” He asked, to which to crowd affirmed via cheers. “That’s some rock n’ roll shit right there!” lewis-del-mar-41He said as the band went into Live That Long. 

Before kicking off their next song, Miller noticed some familiar faces on the balcony- the representatives from Columbia, their record label. “Y’all didn’t pay for tickets, did you!” He joked before explaining that the next song was the first song that he and Hardwood wrote together, three years ago in a basement. That song was none other than Islands. 

Painting (Masterpiece) continued the night’s festivities, when a disco-ball began spinning and shining on the band mid-song, until the end. They continued with a cover of Rihanna’s Needed Me. During the next song, Tap Water Drinking, Miller decided to get a little more up close and personal with the fans; He hopped off the stage and walked through the pit, all the way to the bar area and stood on the bar counter, singing with fans. After a bit, he made his way back to the stage, picked up an electric guitar and stood facing Hardwood, as the two jammed out. Miller went crazy with seizure-like movements, soloing on the guitar while Hardwood slammed on the cymbals and snare, his hair flying in every direction. Fans went crazy, screaming and jumping as the two ouro’d the song.

Without any introduction, the band went into their most popular song, Loud(y). The crowd sang the words so loud, it almost drowned out Miller’s vocals. Following the hit, the band exited the stage, but not before Miller happily jumped atop of Hardwood for a hug.

After minutes of continuous cheers from the crowd, the band made their way back on stage for a two song encore, Memories and Malt Liquor. 

Watching this duo perform was a real treat, as they are extremely unique with their sound. While some call it folk-rock, it feels their own genre: a mixture of rock, alternative, indie and electronic. These guys are definitely ones to keep an eye out for as they are sure to only get bigger from here.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg