Seattle Gets Down With Young The Giant At A Sold Out Show

Young The Giant
October 28, 2016
Showbox Sodo – Seattle, WA

    Very often we see some amazing bands come out of California and the music produced is something we find ourselves singing in our heads throughout the day. One of those bands are Young The Giant from Irvine, California! For the past two months they’ve been touring across North America with another band by the name of Ra Ra Riot in support of their latest album on the “Home Of The Strange Tour”. Nearing the end of the tour, they played to a sold out crowd in Seattle, Washington!

Ra Ra Riot is a Indie-Rock band out of Syracuse, New York. They gave a captivating performance opening with Too Too Too Fast off their 2008 album The Rhumb Lines. They played a variety of songs off their discography with the hour long set they were allotted being as they were the only openers. Their performance included crowd favorites Boy and Water the later being a single off their latest release I Need Your Light that came out earlier this year. Fans who hadn’t heard of this band before were amazed when they saw a violinist and cellist on stage. Their music roamed through the room, sending movements through the crowd. It was hard to keep your eye off the band because they would rotate positions on stage thus making for an interesting but good performance.

It was finally time for Young The Giant to perform and the crowd had been anticipating this moment for months. When the tour was first announced, Seattle wasn’t even apart of the tour, it wasn’t till they played 107.7 The End’s Summer Camp in August that they decided to add Seattle. As soon as they walked onto stage everyone pushed their way forward. Lead singer youngthegiant-12Sameer Gadhia took the stage wearing a noticeable bright red jumpsuit and captivated the audience. They started off their set with a new song Jungle Youth off their latest album Home Of The Strange. Being as this tour is called “Home of The Strange Tour” they played all but one song off the album. Sometimes hearing that many songs off the same album can be tiring but since each song on the album has a unique sound, the audience never grew tired, that and Young The Giant are one of those bands that don’t have a bad album. They played crowd favorites off the album such as Something To Believe In & Amerika that had the entire room dancing. They also made sure not to leave out older songs on the setlist and played the songs everyone knows. So when the band played Cough Syrup and My Body the crowd’s echoed voices filled the room and the energy was through the roof, there was literally not a single person standing still (except for the security guards who probably wish they could be dancing).

The entire night was filled with fans of all ages with huge smiles, singing and dancing. Both bands gave a wonderful performance to the thousand or so gathered inside Showbox Sodo on their friday night in Seattle. Most would agree that this was one their best Friday night of the year!!

Review by: Sarina Solem

Young the Giant

Ra Ra Riot