Seattle Says Goodbye To For Today

For Today
November 8, 2016
El Corazon Seattle, WA

It is never easy when you hear that your favorite band is breaking up, it’s probably the hardest thing. Even with knowing this, it means that you get to see them one last time and make it the best show you’ve ever been too. That is how the fans were at The Farewell Tour for, For Today. With everyone getting ready to say goodbye, many were heartbroken but also full of so much happiness. This was a farewell in Seattle, and Soundchekk411 was there to capture it all!

The night of the show, people were waiting out in the rain at the local favorite, El Corazon. Anyone who has been there knows that even though it’s small and dark, it’s always full of an energetic crowd. The openers for The Farewell Tour consisted of My Epic, (silent planet) and Norma Jean. Each of these bands are similar to For Today because they’re all Christian Metal-core bands. That being said, it brings a different setting to the night, which frankly was inspiring to see so many people coming together for more than music, despite the differences.

Norma Jean was the second to last band go on and they started out the night with The Planet. Norma Jean is a band from img_9375Douglasville, Georgia and have been around since 1997. The band have gone through numerous lineup changes in their almost 20 years together, but that has left them with no original members. They brought a great energy to Seattle that night. The set list consisted of songs like A Grand Scene for a Color Film, 1,000,000 Watts, and The Anthem of the Angry Brides. From the start of their set, people were jumping in the crowd none stop. The lighting that was brought to the stage was incredible, very well lit, but also made the show better with how active it was with the songs. Norma Jean did a great job opening for the night and I know Seattle will be happy to have them back.

Now, it was time for the worst/best part of the night… For Today finally came on. Immediately the crowd was screaming, and from what was witnessed, some were praying as the members entered the stage. The night kicked off with Break The Cycle and Foundation, some of the band’s fairly popular songs! For Today is a Christian Metal-core band from Sloux City, Iowa. The band formed back in 2005 and have been rocking for a solid decade. Coming to the decision to end after this long was not easy, but that didn’t stop them from giving the best show for their last show! Whenever the band would pause between songs, their lead singer Mattie Montgomery would speak about the true meaning of the band. Montgomery said “After a decade, this is still not just about the music, or the dream or the travel. It is and always has been about Jesus. He is what gave us the strength to continue!” This show was incredibly inspiring to be a part of. The lighting for the night was spectacular! The set list consisted of 14 songs which had Fight The Silence, Pariah, and Crown Of Thorns. The ended the night with an encore of one of their most famous songs Fearless!

All in all, For Today did a fantastic job with their last show. The tour is bound to be incredible. I know this meant a lot, when the band ended the night with a giant prayer session with everyone in the venue. These last 10 years have been crazy but each of them will go on to do great things! Thank you for giving Seattle one last hooray for the night!

Review by: Blair Walker 

For Today

Norma Jean