Sleeping With Sirens Brought Madness Into Baltimore, MD

Sleeping With Sirens
November 11, 2016
Baltimore Soundstage- Baltimore, MD

     From my understanding 11/11 means make a wish and I suppose Sleeping With Sirens fans’ wish came true as The Madness Tour sold out Baltimore Soundstage!

With a short DJ set from DJ Dylan Taylor, he got the crowd all hyped up to start the night. Up first was Waterparks, a band from Austin Texas that have been really making something of themselves this year as they were on Good Charlotte’s small club run in the spring then hopped onto the Vans Warped Tour all summer. You can definitely tell they had a good amount of fans singing back to them. Recently just releasing their debut album, Double Dare, and the guys played a few songs from that such as, Stupid For You and Royal as well as an older song Mad All The Time, which seemed to really get the fans off their feet!

Up next was a band all the way from Australia, Tonight Alive. Currently touring on their most recent record, Limitless, they also treated their “Humans” (which is what the band calls their fans) to older songs from their discography, such as Listening, Lonely Girl and The Other Side. The band also played songs from their very “all about life” record such as Waves, Drive and How Does It Feel. Lead woman, Jenna McDougall as per usual before leading off into the middle of their set always addressed fans with a positive message, meaning that it’s okay to refuse to live in fear of what others believe and think of you and to be your own person. As usual, it was a very great set from these amazing and talented Aussies.sleepingwithsirens-19
All the way from Upstate New York, State Champs took the stage with such a massive amount of energy that they honestly left the stage leaving Sleeping With Sirens a set to compete with. Opening up with Losing Myself immediately resulted in crowd surfing and moshing. The energy State Champs has on stage makes them almost as amazing as the headliner. Their setlist consisted of older and newer songs from their most recent album, Around The World and Back, such as Breaking Ground, All You Are Is History and Shape Up. They also played some of their older jams such as Elevated, Easy Enough and Simple Existence. The crowd surfing was endless, the moshing picked up throughout their set and you could tell that the security guards could barely keep up with the amount of crowd surfing. It was amazing to see how much State Champs have grown over these past couple years. After an energy packed set, State Champs closed their set with Secrets.

After a tough set to compete with, headliners Sleeping With Sirens took the stage as fireworks lit them up from behind, causing the fans to get even louder than before as the band opened with  Do It Now, Remember It Later. After being a main stage band on Warped Tour along with Tonight Alive and State Champs, you know you’re in for a great show. The production this band had was incredible, from the lighting, to the firework pyros and to the whole setlist packed with songs for not only the older fans but also had newer material from their past album, Madness. They also had some older songs on the setlist such as their two encore songs, If You’re James Dean, I’m Aubrey Hepburn and If You Can’t Hang. A majority of their setlist was made up of their newer material such as Better Off Dead, Go Go Go and We Like It Loud. Throughout the night Sleeping With Sirens had proved that they are one of the best bands to see live, music and production wise.

Review by: Alyssa Howell

Sleeping With Sirens

State Champs

Tonight Alive