Indie-Folk Band, Wylder Live In Washington, DC

Wylder Live
January 12, 2017
Rock and Roll Hotel- Washington, DC

    It was cover night at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC. Out of the four bands to perform that night, Wylder, an indie-folk band from DC, was the third to take the stage. They opened their set with a cover of Weezer’s song, My Name is Jonas, which had the crowd swaying back and forth, bobbing their heads to the beat, setting a good mood throughout the venue for the rest of the night. They followed the song with one of Weezer’s well-known songs Say it ain’t So which pumped up the crowd for Wylder’s first original song of the night, Bitter. Bitter is an upbeat song with an indie sound that started a chain reaction throughout the venue that had everyone dancing and having a good time. “Let’s keep this going!” said the lead singer, referring to the dancing and singing that was going on. And so the night continued with more upbeat songs, including another original song called Bayhouse. To close their set, Wylder played one last cover of El Scorcho by Weezer before they left the stage. It was clear that the audience enjoyed Wylder’s stage-presence and fun vibe by the smiles on their faces by the end of their set.

As Wylder left the stage, Broke Royals took the stage, preparing for their set. Broke Royals is another local band from Washington, DC. During their set, Broke Royals really took over the stage with lots of passion and energy which rubbed off on the audience. The band members pulled off the 80’s look, sporting blue denim, white t-shirts, and bandanas, which was appropriate as they payed tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s album Born in the USA by playing covers of songs like Dancing in the Dark, My Hometown, Darling County, and so many more. The crowd loved the covers and danced along with the same energy as the band onstage. Broke Royals played some originals as well, including Heartless Come Around, and closed the set with their song, On My Way. While Broke Royals had the stage, the venue was filled with a radiant, carefree energy that had everyone having a good time.

Both bands played great sets and were a pleasure to watch and listen to. Wyler brought a a fun, chill vibe that prepared the audience for Broke Royals’ rock sound. It was a great night for music at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC.

Review by: Cristina Calderon 


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