Dorothy Concludes First Leg Of Tour With A Sold Out Show In Los Angeles

January 28, 2017
Troubadour- Los Angeles, CA

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a singer when I grew up… Everyone always told me that being a singer wasn’t a ‘real job’,” Dorothy Martin recalled as she spoke to a sold out Troubadour. Clearly all the doubters were wrong, as her entire Rock Is Dead tour is officially sold out. What better way to end the first leg, than with a show in your hometown? The soulful rock singer and her bandmates put on a show to remember at the Troubadour that showed exactly why Dorothy Martin’s childhood wish had become a reality.

With head-banging and hair flailing every which way, guitarist DJ Black and bassist Gregg Cash made it impossible to not be fixated on them. Jumping up and down, feeling the music, they strummed with such passion and love, which transcended into the crowd who sang lyrics back at Martin.

The band kicked off the show with Kiss It and followed with Dark Nights and Gun In My Hand. It was clear from the first notes of the first song, that the night would be one to remember. Martin had her hair curled, wore a one-piece jumpsuit, hooded kimono and rocked her familiar red lipstick. She commanded the stage with her mere presence, but when she peered and sang into the audience, she captivated the entire room. Her confidence balanced out with her clear humbleness as she constantly Dorothy Site-43thanked the crowd. Nearing the end of the show, as she looked at the faces of the screaming fans, she couldn’t help herself and was nearly brought to tears. She covered her mouth as water swelled into her eyes, which only made the crowd cheer more. She joked by flipping them off and saying “Fuck you!” because they were making her so emotional.

The night continued on with hard hitting rock, courtesy of drummer Dylan Howard, up until Raise Hell. After, Martin exited the stage and let Cash, Black and Howard jam it out with some groovy tunes that had the entire crowd swaying along. This was followed by a powerful cover of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ I Put a Spell on You that was vaguely reminiscent (vocally) of Amy Winehouse. This song gave chills to the audience and is one of the best versions of the song that I personally have ever heard. The slow song of the night was next, Shelter which featured just Martin and DJ Black on stage. Martin held out the microphone while the crowd sang back to her.

After exiting the stage and coming back out once before, the band left again, only to be urged back on stage by the cheering crowd. They ended their set with Whisky Fever, thanked the fans and left the stage. But that didn’t happen before Martin dabbed on her way out, which brought laughs to the audience.

Dorothy proved very quickly as to why this tour is sold out. I’m excited to see where this band goes in the coming years, and I’m sure that rock isn’t dead, with bands like Dorothy.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

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