Falling In Reverse & Co Bring ‘The End Is Here ‘Tour To Silver Spring

Falling in Reverse
January 29, 2017
Fillmore Silver Spring- Silver Spring, MD

Falling In Reverse brought The End is Here Tour to Silver Spring, MD. It may have been pouring rain outside, but that didn’t stop concert goers from attending this banger of a show. Filled with a mix of bands, each with their own individual sound, there was sure to be something for everyone.

Opening up for the night was Dead Girls Academy. Being a fairly new band in the music scene this was a major tour for them. If I were to describe what kind of band they are think of Falling In Reverse but a bit more rock. Despite the short set they had to offer, they still tore up the stage with what they had.

Up next was dangerkids, and they definitely won me over. This was the first time I’ve seen them live. As most bands do, they started off their set forming a team huddle but in this case they were onstage already. Immediately after breaking their huddle, they went right into their set.

MIW-27All members of the band gave off such an amazing vibe and really put forth a very contagious energy as they got so into the music.  To me this band kind of reminded me of a modern day Linkin Park. At one point during their set, right before their last song, lead vocalist Tyler Smyth free styled for the crowd as an intro to one of their most popular singles .

Motionless in White was up next and to me it seems like there was a good amount of fans in attendance that were hardcore
MIW fans. Their stage setup had to be one of my favorites because it was illuminated with candles, and A LOT of pumpkins- a Halloween themed stage made my night.  The band came out to the theme song of Stranger Things, which set the mood for their set with an ominous vibe. Throughout their set they had a special yet creepy guest take the stage dressed up as a very creepy clown who would interact with the crowd, and by interacting I mean by either tossing out candy or spraying them with a squirt gun. During one of their more popular songs, America, she dressed as a clown and brought out a water gun. Before closing their set with their classic song Reincarnate, they played a cover of a System of a Down’s Chop Suey! It was safe to say that song really got everyone off their feet.

They slayed the main stage on Warped Tour this past summer & are one of my favorite bands, Issues took the stage next. Their stage was set up like an old pirate ship, which is probably the best stage setup I’ve seen. The band just recently put out an album called Headspace, which means the played a good handful of songs off that album such as Yung & Dum, Flojo and COMA. Not only did they play a handful of newer songs they threw it back to a good  mix of older material such as Princeton Avenue and Disappear. The band ended their set with a special guest, a parrot that was dancing away on their pirate ship as FallingInReverse-37they closed out with their most popular single, Hooligans.

Finally Falling in Reverse took the stage and the whole crowd roared with excitement. They opened up with Sink or Swim, off their album The Drug in Me is You. The crowd surfers immediately started making their way to the front as security could hardly keep up with them. Throughout their set, the steady flow of crowd surfers continued as lead vocalist Ronnie Radke continued with his frequent mic swings, crazy dance moves and air guitar imitations. Throughout the night Falling In Reverse played hits after hits including Fashionably Late and Raised By Wolves. Not only did the band play older material they threw in some more recent material as well. The band ended their 13 song set followed by a 4 song encore which they played their most recent released single, Coming Home, which is a song from their 4th album (Release date TBA) they also played The Drug in Me is You and Just Like You as part of their encore.

Review by: Alyssa Howell

Falling in Reverse

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