Country Music & Tasty Chocolate With Brad Paisley In Hershey, PA

Brad Paisley
February 17, 2017
Giant Center- Hershey, PA

    I’m not sure what’s better, having some chocolate from Hershey’s chocolate factory just a few feet away or Brad Paisley taking the stage along with Chase Bryant and Lindsay Ell at the Giant Center. I’m pretty sure it’s neck and neck.

Opening up the night was Canadian Singer/Song Writer Lindsay Ell. The multi instrumentalist took the stage with a guitar in hand, ready to warm up the crowd with her powerful vocals. Ell played all of her hit singles such as By The Way and Criminal. You can tell Ell truly loved what she does by the way she interacted with her fans in the GA pit by shaking their hands, and tossing some guitar picks into the crowd. Ell closed out her set with her most recent 2016 single All Alright.

Next up was Texas Native, Chase Bryant. As Bryant took the stage, he had a James Bond Introduction that played into the first song of his set, Getaway Car. Bryant was very energetic throughout his set as he went from stage right to stage left then up and down the catwalk all night. Bryant had an eight song set list which meant he had more than enough time to get the crowd all hyped up and ready for Mr Paisley to take the stage. A few other songs from Bryant’s set list included Bad For You and She Sets Me On Fire. Not only did Bryant play a select few of his own singles he also threw in two cover songs, one being Closer by The Chainsmokers and the other cover he played was Superstition by the legendary Stevie Wonder. Bryant closed out the BradPaisley-24night with Take It On Back.

Around 9:30, the anticipation was rising and rising until suddenly the lights went dim and an intro of some sort of “time machine” was playing on the screen then showed the current date and place of the show, 2/17/17 Hershey, PA. The crowd got louder and louder as the band took the stage followed by the man wearing a black button down, denim jeans and his signature white cowboy hat, Mr Brad Paisley.

Paisley opened up with Crushin’ It and fans in the crowd were already up dancing and singing the song word for word. Paisley played so many songs off the various of records he has under his belt including hit single Today. He also played a good handful of older songs such as Water, Celebrity and Little Moments. Paisley also had Lindsay Ell come out and play guitar alongside him as he sang Whiskey Lullaby and he also brought out Chase Bryant to sing one of his most popular song, Ticks. Paisley played a 20 song set list followed by an encore of another hit single of his Alcohol.

What a great way to spend a Friday night, good country music surrounded by family and friends. As usual Brad Paisley brought out all the stops and continues to amaze not only myself but his fans.

Review by: Alyssa Howell

Brad Paisley

Chase Bryant

Lindsay Ell