Senses Fail Celebrate 15th Anniversary Of Still Searching

Senses Fail
March 15, 2017
Rams Head Live- Baltimore, MD

Senses Fail brought their latest tour to Rams Head Live in Baltimore to celebrate with fans the 15th anniversary of their most popular album, Still Searching, playing it in it’s entirety. The stage set up and lighting rig was absolutely on point. Their guitar cabs had the album cover over it and the lighting was lit by a bunch of LED towers to light up the stage.

Once the band and vocalist Buddy Nielsen took the stage, the older fans in the crowd immediately pushed to the front. A little on the darker side with the lighting, the band opened up with The Rapture as Nielsen danced and swung the microphone around, a little deeper into the song as they transformed into the second song on the set list, Bonecrusher. Being that they were playing Still Searching in its entirety, they went down the album list and played songs such as Sick Or Sane, Can’t Be Saved and so forth.

After walking off stage from playing an energetic fifteen song set list, everyone in the room immediately began to shout after the band to return to the stage. Nielsen ended up announcing that they’d be performing a lengthy encore, which had fans get even more rowdy.

Starting off the encore, Nielsen dedicated the song to anyone who has grown up without a father, known as the song Family Tradition, followed by the song he’d written to his wife, Jets to Peru. The band also played Blackout before ending the set with fan favorite Bite to Break Skin, during the last song massive mosh pit sprang into action. What a great way to close the night out and let loose!

Review by: Alyssa Howell