Weezer Gets Intimate with Seattle

April 9, 2017
The Showbox – Seattle, WA

Sometimes the Pacific Northwest gets skipped by tours but since we’re neighbors with Canada, we occasionally get bands that will book a show in Seattle – and this was one of those times.

American rock band, Weezer, finished their short Canadian tour with a very intimate show in Seattle, WA with support from local band, Dude York. Fans who were lucky enough to grab tickets before they sold out were lined up around the block shortly before the doors opened. Some fans had been waiting all day to be front row for this show – it’s not everyday you get to see Weezer play a club show.

One of Seattle’s local rock/alternative bands, Dude York, were fortunate enough to be the opening act for this show and you could tell they were excited to be apart of this show – the trio had been on tour for the past month and their first show back home was opening up for Weezer… How cool is that?!

They started off the night with a song called Black Jack off their latest release Sincerely which got the crowd moving before they continued to play a variety of songs off their latest album – Tonight, Love Is, and Paralyzed to name a few. They also played songs off their first album Dehumanize and a new song called Moon. They played a good variety of old and new songs and had the crowd moving along with the music.

During the show singer/bassist Claire England mentioned that she was one of the fans who got up early to buy tickets to this show but they ended up not needing them which had everyone laughing and feeling a bit of a connection with the band. The band had their own unique sound but you could clearly see Weezer was a huge inspiration to them. If you’re a fan of Weezer I highly recommend checking out this band!

Weezer-1-3As the lights dimmed everyone knew it was finally time, the moment we had all eagerly been waiting for – it was time for the four piece band from Los Angeles, Weezer to take stage!

The energy from the crowd was so intense you would’ve thought you were at venue much larger than a 1000 cap venue. The crowd definitely towered over the band’s energy but if you’ve ever seen Weezer live you know that they’re not a high energy band – they’re a band that would rather put forth all off their energy into playing their instruments rather than running around on stage – as long as everyone’s having a good time then that’s all that matters!

The band performed their 16 song setlist that included all of the classics such as Beverly Hills, Say It Ain’t So, and of course Island in The Sun which had everyone in the crowd, including some security guards, grooving along and singing at the top of their lungs. The band also performed a couple of impressive mashups – the first one being Dope Nose / Back To The Shack / Keep Fishin’ / The Good Life / Surf Wax America and the other being a mashup of the songs King Of The World and Only In Dreams – singer Rivers Cuomo even dressed up as King with a crown and a cape and the crowd definitely got a kick out of.

After an hour of jamming out on stage, they hopped off, but shortly after the band was back on after the crowd cheered for an encore. The continued to play their 2 song encore – El Scorcho and Buddy Holly. After finishing their last song on the setlist the band decided that since it was the last date of the tour that they had enough time for one more. They ended with Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori off of their latest album The White Album. Weezer is one of the greats and if you ever get the chance to see them live then please take it! You definitely won’t regret it.

Both Weezer and Dude York put everything they had into the show and it was a great end to the tour. I highly recommend both bands and can’t wait till I see them next time!

Review by: Sarina Solem 


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