Mayday Parade Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of A Lesson In Romantics In Seattle

Mayday Parade, Knuckle Puck, Milestones
April 12, 2017
The Showbox – Seattle, WA


   It’s been 10 years since the release of Mayday Parade’s debut record A Lesson in Romantics and what’s a better way to celebrate it than releasing a 10 year anniversary edition of the album with 6 new bonus tracks and go on tour across the world to play it in full to thousands of eager fans?

The tour just recently stopped in Seattle, WA and hundreds of eager fans lineup around the block to see one of the most iconic pop punk bands play one of the most iconic pop punk albums of the mid 2000’s – in full! Fans were in for a rowdy night as support for the tour came from up and coming pop punk bands Knuckle Puck and Milestones.

Opening the night was a band quite far away from home, who goes by the name Milestones. The quintet band had traveled all the way from the Manchester, UK to be apart of this incredible tour. The up and coming band recently signed with Fearless Records just last year and released their debut EP called Equal Measures produced by Phil Gornell (Bring Me The Horizon, All Mayday Parade-1-5Time Low, Set Your Goals) this past July. With only 5 songs on their EP their setlist was limited yet still diverse. In between songs lead singer, Matt Clarke, interacted with the crowd. One of the crowd favorites of their set was for their song Call Me Disaster which had the entire crowd jumping around to the catchy pop punk tune! You could tell a majority of the crowd left being a new fan of the band. This tour will definitely be a milestone for the band’s career.

Next on stage was Knuckle Puck, a pop punk band from Chicago. The band has gained a decent following since their release of 2015 album Copacetic (via Rise Records). With the recent release of their singles, Calendar Days and Indecisive, the band has been running off of the momentum with this tour. Including songs into their set such as Disdain and Evergreen, the crowd got pretty rowdy – the band’s set was filled with non stop crowd surfing and mosh pits. It’s always a pleasure to have this band return to the Pacific Northwest, and we can’t wait till they’re back.

As the lights dimmed it was clear that the crowd was finally ready for Mayday Parade. The band from Tallahassee, Florida was more than excited to be back in Seattle celebrating their 10th anniversary of A Lesson in Romantics with fans whom were equally as excited if not more. It’s not everyday you get to hear one of your favorite albums from your teen years get played in full!

Fans sang along to the 18 song set list that included some fan favorites like Miserable at Best, Jamie All Over and Jersey that had the crowd singing at the top of their lungs.

You know it’s a good show when a majority of the crowd ends the night with no voice! The setlist included also included songs not from the album like a solo acoustic break with lead singer Derek Sanders who performed a cover of The BeatlesYesterday. The band did their best at interacting with their fans by talking with them and joking around on stage – at one point Sanders joked around stage about weed thanking us for legalizing marijuana. Add in a few crowd surfers and mosh pits and it was one great show. The band definitely gave their all and showed that there is no end in site asking everyone to come back for a 20th anniversary tour in another 10 years.

There’s still a month left of the tour. This is a tour you won’t want to miss, check out the rest of the dates on their website to see if the tour is coming to a city near you!

Review by: Sarina Solem

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