Pierce The Veil And Sum 41 Team Up & Take Over Silver Spring, MD

Pierce The Veil & Sum 41
May 3, 2017
Fillmore – Silver Spring MD

    A chilly May day didn’t stop fans from lining up as early as 1:30 pm in the afternoon to see a tour that is stacked with some pretty amazing bands such as Chapel, Emarosa, Sum 41 and of course Pierce The Veil. With this tour having such greats bands all on one bill, you just know you are in for a show with a pretty good production.

Starting off the night was a two piece band by the name of Chapel. Now, being that they had a shorter set, didn’t mean they didn’t get the crowd warmed up. A good handful of fans in the crowd definitely knew this band and enjoyed their set. The band played songs such as Dreamer and their most popular single Fool’s Gold.

After a great set from Chapel, Emarosa took the stage and instantly the crowd went wild! Vocalist, Bradley Walden, was immediately on the barricade interacting with fans as they opened up with song, Sure. Emarosa only had seven songs during their time on stage and boy do I wish it was longer. I believe Walden performed  a majority of their set on the barricade/ in the crowd as he stretched out on top of the crowd during mid set. Songs Emarosa played included Miracle, Helpless and they ended PTV-16their set with Cloud 9. Fans were more then ready for Sum 41 to take the stage next.

Sum 41 took the stage with confidence as their intro played throughout the venue and everyone was cheering and getting rowdy; They immediately played into their opening song The Hell Song. I must say their production wasn’t as good as I thought, though the music was still killer. Sum 41 played a good handful of songs such as Fake My Own Death, which is off their most recent released album, as well as some older hits such as Walking Disaster, Still Waiting and Over My Head. Not only did they play songs of their own, the band also threw in some cover songs, Master Of Puppets by Metallica and Queen’s We Will Rock You. Of course the band ended with their most popular singles that you hear in so many films etc, In Too Deep and Fat Lip.

After an hour and a half long set from the legendary Sum 41, it was about time Pierce The Veil took the stage. As a huge white backdrop with PTV’s logo projected on it hid the  stage, it finally dropped to a skeleton masked man on the stage with what looked like a TNT push down lever. The fans went absolutely crazy. Pierce The Veil opened up with Texas Is Forever, which is a newer song of their latest record, Misadventures. Bassist Jaime Preciado was all over the stage from the minute they started their set.

Once the band got the crowd all rowdy after playing some fan favorites like Bulls In The Bronx and older fan favorites, Yeah Boy and Doll Face, vocalist Vic Fuentes slowed it down and took things acoustic. Fuentes played a Julia Michaels cover, her latest single Issues. After, that the rest of the band came back out to join Fuentes and played another acoustic song, Stay Away From My Friends. After slowing things down for a moment, Pierce The Veil didn’t hesitate to kick back into gear for a few more songs and also managed to get that crowd rowdy again. They finished their 11 song set with Circles. Just when you thought their set was over, the guys came back out for an encore in which they played their most popular songs, Hold On Til May and King For A Day. 

This tour was probably the best tour I’ve attended all year, with a stacked lineup like this why miss out?

Review by: Alyssa Howell

Sum 41

Pierce the Veil