Say Anything & Bayside Perform In Seattle, WA

Say Anything
April 29, 2017
Showbox Market- Seattle, WA

   You know you’re in Seattle when the fans are wrapped around the block waiting for a show. It was cold, it was raining, it was windy but that didn’t stop them from waiting to be as close as they could be. It was time for Bayside & Say Anything tour and Soundcheck411 was there to cover it all.

On this dark Saturday night, fans of all ages packed the Showbox Market to see the popular bands perform which honestly made the show seem like it was going to be even better.

The night began with Say Anything, the dark lighting, gave off a very nice but different vibe compared to the lighting you would typically see at a show. Only one song into their setlist,  the band had already decided this was the best Seattle show they had ever performed. The band’s 12 song set list was full of great hits, such as Do Better, Nibble Nibble and Six Six Six. Each member on stage put forth a unique and creative energy on stage – lead singer Max Anemia got in the crowd and even almost jumped in! Crowd surfers were ready to go and many tried to make their way to the stage. Say anything ended the night with an encore and performed Spidersong and “Every Man Has a Molly. After 17 years as a band, they still act like this is their very first show. A phenomenal night was made for Seattle.

state champs-19The final band of the night Bayside came on after a short set to a very eager crowd. To my surprise not many fans left in between the sets, everyone in the crowd wanted to be as close as possible for their favorite band. As they began their first song They Looked Like Strong Hands the lead singer Anthony Raneri hopped down to the the photo pit (the area in venues between the stage and the crowd) then jumping straight into the crowd!!! It was a beautiful way to start a performance. Once again, fans were already crowd surfing and trying to get close to the band. They had a 18 song set list that consisted of songs such as Masterpiece, Sick Sick Sick and Mary. 

The lighting for Bayside was phenomenal, it gave a very moody vibe to the night but also the band was impressively active with the crowd. At one point they stopped singing and the crowd was signing the whole song for them and you could see just how purely happy the members were. The band have been together for the last 17 years and have made the night feel so special as if it was the first time they had seen them.

All in all the night was beautiful, and it was a truly magical feeling being there. This was a tour that should not be missed and these bands did an amazing job at bringing their music to life.

Say Anything & Bayside