Elliot Moss Kicks Off The Boomerang Tour In Washington, DC

Elliot Moss

June 21, 2017

DC9 Nightclub – Washington, DC

   On the first night of summer, Elliot Moss brought his Boomerang Tour to Washington, DC. Elliot Moss is an artist from New York. His music can be described as electronic, mellow, and somewhat haunting at times in the best way possible.

The show began with the opening band, Frances Cone, an alternative soul pop band from Brooklyn, New York. The band played a beautiful set of sincere, soulful songs that set the mood for the evening. Their calm yet strong voices and genuine personalities made them a pleasure to watch and listen to.

Once Elliot Moss took the stage, the audience became quiet, awaiting the first note of the opening song. Once that note was hit, everyone immediately knew which song it was and cheered him on. He opened with a slow, chilling song called Highspeeds from Elliot Moss-3his 2015 album called Highspeeds. During this song, the audience listened with amazement as the song built upon itself and eventually came to an end. For the rest of his show, he played songs from his 2015 album such as Big Bad Wolf, About Time, Slip, and Even Great Things. For this song, Moss pulled out his guitar and the crowd swooned with fond memories of the soft, 2015 song.

Moss also debuted a few songs from his most recent EP, Boomerang, one of which was 99. At the first beat of the song 99 the audience cheered, and sang along to every word. There was no doubt that this song really resonated with the audience and was truly a crowd favorite. Some other songs that were played from this EP were Boomerang, Falling Down and Getting Hurt, and Without the Lights. 

Overall, it was a great show! Elliot Moss is no doubt a talented musician, and as a performer, he really brings a unique stage presence that is soft and mellow while still exuding great passion for his music, it seems as though he gets lost in it sometimes. It was definitely a great way to kick off the start of his tour. Check him out if he’s ever in your area, you won’t be disappointed!

Review by: Cristina Calderon