Korn’s Serenity Of Summer Tour Hits LA

Korn & Stone Sour
June 21, 2017
The Forum – Inglewood, CA

       Nu-metal giants Korn released their twelfth studio album The Serenity of Suffering in 2016. Since before the album’s release, Korn has been actively touring. Korn announced the Serenity of Summer tour and what a package what it was. Headlining the tour was Korn and they had support from Stone Sour, Babymetal, and Yelawolf. The Forum in Inglewood, California was set for this awesome package of a tour that had fans from all the bands excited.

Stone Sour is a rock band famously known for being fronted by Corey Taylor who is also the singer for Slipknot, one of the biggest metal bands in the world. Stone Sour is set to release their sixth studio album Hydrograd on June 30, 2017. Stone Sour came out and started the show with the first track from the new album, Taipei Person/Allah Tea. The crowd cheered as the band came on as surely they were one of the bands that the crowd had been waiting for. Guitarist Josh Rand came out wearing an Afro wig and sporting a Lakers jersey. Upon finishing the first song, fans started chanting “fuck Nickelback!” towards Taylor whom has been exchanging words with Nickelback‘s frontman on social media and interviews. Made of Scars was the second track played and is one of the band’s big hits and fans could be heard singing along. Stone Sour has a lot of songs that are easy to sing along to so it’s no surprise to see that they played other songs that fans could sing along to such as: Say You’ll Haunt Me, 30/30-150, and Through Glass. With a new album coming out, Stone Sour made sure to promote it by playing another new song which was Song #3. Taylor showed love for his fans as he would regularly interact with them, wave into their phones, and even brought out a bazooka that fired confetti. Stone Sour played another hit Absolute Zero and finished up the show with another new song, Fabuless. Stone Sour thanked the audience for coming out and made way for the band that everyone had been kornsc2-3waiting for.

The stage was covered by a black curtain and a countdown meter started with ten seconds on the clock left and the audience counted down along with the band. When the countdown hit zero, the curtain came down and revealed the members of Korn waiting on stage and started the show with the first single from the newest album, Rotting In Vain. Korn always has an energetic presence on stage and it always makes everyone get up on their feet and head bang or dance. Falling Away From Me was the next song played and is one of the band’s best songs and always has the fans singing along with the chorus. To go along with the performance, Korn had an impressive stage setup with flashing lights and a stage where the band members could freely go up and down on it. Korn made sure to play all the hits that got the crowd going wild. Here to Stay, Y’All Want a Single, and Clown are all old school classics that fans appreciated and would jump together and mosh pit. The Korn family is something special. The band went backstage for a bit and fans saw the legendary frontman Jonathan Davis come out with his signature bagpipes. Fans of the band knew that they were about to play another one of the band’s biggest hits, Shoots and Ladders. Korn has been known to be fans of classic rock and it was shown during the song Coming Undone when they played a snippet of Queen‘s We Will Rock You and of course fans were given the opportunity to sing along to the chorus. Korn finished the show with A Different World from the new album. Since the song features Corey Taylor on guest vocals and Stone Sour was in the building, it only made sense for Korn to bring out Taylor and perform the song the proper way and made for a nice treat for fans. Korn left the stage and all seemed to be quiet. Fans stayed and chanted the band’s name in hope that they would come back out. After a brief break, Korn came back out and played the first encore, 4 U. A short and mellow track to get the audience excited all over again. Drummer Ray Luzier started to quickly and repeatedly tap the bell on his ride cymbal with his drumstick and gave the fans the hint at what song was being played next. Fans cheered and the rest of the band came up front as Davis yelled out his famous line of, “ARE YOU READY!?!?” and the fans immediately started jumping together and the mosh pits started up again as Korn played another one of their best songs, Blind. It’s On was the third encore performed and to end the show, Korn played their most famous song and one of the most known songs in the world, Freak on a Leash. The song is best known for Davis’ beat-boxing in the middle of the song. Korn finished up the song and so the show came to an end. Fans cheered and the members of Korn waved at fans and threw guitar picks and drumsticks into the audience. Korn left the stage for the final time and left fans with nothing but smiles on their faces.

Review by: Misael Ruiz 


Stone Sour