Budweiser Made in America Festival Ft. Jay-Z, J. Cole, The Chainsmokers & More

Budweiser Made in America Festival
September 2-3, 2017


Rapsody was the first artist to perform the Rocky stage at Budweiser Made in America Festival. As she gave a shout out to the city, she announced 9th Wonder was dj-ing for her. Everyone in the crowd was vibing with her style and rhythm. She threw up the rock nation sign as she continued her performance in the rain. After her performance was over she got down into the front row and humbly meet with her fans in the crowd. She definitely started the festival out right!

Lizzo performed next on the Liberty stage. Fans gathered as the rain continued.  Her DJ entered the stage in a white dress and veil. Co2 cannons went off and dancers warmed up the crowd. She then ran out on stage sassy and confident in a colorful but somewhat risque outfit. She projected a positive image of bigger women, reminding them of the importance of being confident in their own skin. She had song about looking for her phone and having no interest in being a “side chick”, demonstrating her self respect. Right before her performance came to a close she thanked Jay Z for giving her the opportunity to perform at the festival.

Marian Hill-12Marian Hill was the third performance of the day. The band performed some of their well known hits, including Down, among others. Fans went nuts! She came on stage representing the city of Philadelphia sporting a crop top displaying the iconic “LOVE” symbol along with black shorts and sexy fish net stockings. The rain still persisted but the artist carried out a strong performance that keep the guys drooling, provocatively dancing throughout her set. Marian Hill kept the crowd alive as they finished out their energizing set.

Francis And The Lights made for another fun performance. The heavy bass in his music shook the crowd. The artist was all over the stage, full of energy which he passed along to the crowd. Francis decided to use the weather to his advantage, sliding across the rain filled stage nearly casing it. Later in his performance, he made his way out on top of the speakers for a dance party with the crowd. The artist carried out an entertaining set throughout the rest of his time on the Liberty stage, and fans were loving it.

Sampha came out on stage with a deep soulful rhythm.  Playing his piano along with the band, while singing on the Rocky stage, he performed a set you did not want to miss. The rain began to pour as the artist took a brief break in his set for an awesome light show. Unfortunately during the second song the rain decided to come back. That didn’t stop anyone! Sampha took a step away from his piano towards the edge of the stage for a more intimate performance with his fans. He danced to the music of his band and sang along. Sampha made for a nice relaxing tone on a dreary day.

Cardi B’s set started out with a DJ hyping up the crowd, preparing the fans for the artist to take the stage. Hands were waving, and beers were being thrown. The DJ finally introduced her & she stole the stage in a silver dress made of chains and her sassy attitude. Every member of the crowd was a rapper during Cardi B’s set. She spoke to the crowd and asked how everyone was doing following up with minimal banter about the weather. Cardi B expressed her success by showing excitement when speaking about her new whip. The up and coming artist really had a strong performance and drew a rather large crowd for one of the Migos-5earlier performing acts in the day. Cardi B mentioned the news of dropping her full album this October, the same month that she’s scheduled to perform Power 99’s Powerhouse 2017. Fans went crazy!

Migos seemed to be one of the most anticipated artists to perform. People had umbrellas up to protect themselves from the rain while those who didn’t yelled for them to take them down. Migos came out few minutes later then expected but they still did not disappoint. They made comments about the weather saying they’d make it slippery “as a bitch.” The crowd went insane and started jumping around. Migos asked the crowd if they don’t a give fuck about the price of the tickets to put their hands in the air. The guys playing a fun set including one of their hottest hits Ironically suitable for the weather conditions at the time, Bad & Boujee. (Rain Drop…)

Vic Mensa was another performer that many gathered to see despite the late start. Mensa came out on stage in a studded jacket with patches and positive vibes. The up and coming artist was grateful for the fans putting up with the rain in order to see his set. He had an NWA sample sound, followed by chanting “Fuck the police!” A fan in the crowd had a Palestinian flag held high. Mensa acknowledged the flag and commented that if we free Palestine, we all can be free. The artist proceeded to jump down in the front row and sing with the crowd. Unfortunately Mensa’s set was prematurely cut short, leaving many fans disappointed.

J.Cole closed out day 1 of Budweiser Made in America Festival. It kicked off later than expected but it was one of the best and most powerful performances of the day. He started out with walking out of a jail cell, dramatically lit and in a orange jumpsuit. His first song started with more singing then rapping. It set the tone of the day with the lyrics “I see the rain falling down.” He gave a solid shout out to the city of Philadelphia. J. Cole’s 2nd song came in hard with his hip hop style and the led lights J. Cole-7illuminated the rain falling on the stage so beautifully. J. Cole asked the crowd to scream and if they didn’t make enough noise he asked again. The artist stated that he is on tour for his new album but didn’t make a stop in Philly because he knew he was performing Made in America. Later on the lights dimmed on stage and the crowd screamed for J. Cole. He also preached his mentality to the crowd about not worrying about tomorrow because you don’t know if you are gonna make it through today, along with realizing the blessing that you have. He brought his girl Ari Lennox out on stage and preformed a song together. The artist  shouted out to his band that was backstage.  He spoke about songs he wrote about a time he had swat show up to his house because they thought he was selling drugs “Guess the neighbors think I’m selling dope… well mother fucker I am”. It was his neighbors actually selling drugs. He preformed a song for his daughter, it was a very emotional set. All and all J. Cole killed it with his intellectual tone and the everyday struggle.


PNB Rock. The crowd waited anxiously for the artist to take the stage, chanting for PNB to come out. PNB picked a great day to perform as the weather cleared up significantly since the first day. The DJ hyped the crowd asking if Philly was ready. PNB came out and immediately jumped down to the lower level of the stage getting close up and personal with his fans. He was dancing energetically while performing throughout the duration of his set. During a brief break between songs, he asked where his ladies at causing all the women in the crowd to scream at the top of their lungs. The artist finished out a strong set not forgetting to perform one of his most hottest songs, Selfish.

The three piece made up of a Dj, Drummer, and singer; Broods came out instantly and stole the stage! The band jumped right into keeping the crowd entertained as fans ran to the Liberty stage as their set began. The lead vocalist danced on stage in style with a cropped golden rain-like jacket and white pants. The singer announced that they are from New Zealand and explained that if you don’t know where that is, its “from the bottom of the planet.” The crowd laughed and cheered them on. The band has a lot of fun and their attitude projected across the entire crowd, singing and dancing from front to back. it with a DJ and drummer duo with her singing.

The next artist at the Rocky stage was solo performing artist, Kelela. She had a very mellow but soulful tone. Kelela came out in braided hair with crystal like beading on the ends. Aside from the general MIA 2017 backdrop in the beginning, she keep her set simple and did not use the LED screens behind her. Kelela kept it cool with her Soul and R&B style. She melodically danced along with her soft singing. Even though she was dancing she still remained stationary behind the mic stand during her performance.

Tiwa Savage hit the Liberty stage next! She was introduced by her DJ as the “Queen of African music.” The first song started with some choreography by her back up dancers, the sun shining bright. After the dancers finished up, she ran out to join them in her brightly colored attire. Twia was very energetic with her dancing and interacted with her fans on all sides of the stage as she Broods-11danced on top of the speakers. Her performance was almost like a block party but with stage presence. Speaking with fans in the crowd, they were even more excited to see that Twia was the first Nigerian woman to sign to Roc Nation. Boy, they will not be disappointed. She puts on a great show!

Pusha T‘s DJ kicked off the warm evening over at Rocky, saying that if the fans want Pusha, to put their hands in the air. Pusha T eventually came out with a very in-your- face, passionate style. He was performing in a jean jacket and sweatpants, rapping to an excited, star-struck crowd. He kept the crowd moving with their hands in the air. He demanded they make some ‘Motherrfuckin’ noise for Made in America and Philly.’ Pusha played a lot of his new material from his latest album. He also performed one his older songs like Grindin. He finished his performance out with more of his latest material, and fans were loving it.

21 Savage took the Liberty stage after being introduced by his DJ who began the set with some crowd interaction chanting “When I say 20, you say 1”. The crowd did not hesitate to cooperate. 21 Savage comes out on stage in a hoodie and jeans with tassels. During his performance he paced side to side making sure that all of the audience was involved and acknowledged. His style was laid back as far as the way he danced with the music. Savage had the crowd screaming “21” before ending his set, and loved every second of it.

With their electronic sound, the band Little Dragon took the Rocky stage next. They played a strong set as the sun began to go down. They had a very unique performance compared to many other artists performing the festival and with what the crowd at the Rocky stage was used to. The singer of the band wore a blue dress and in her right hand held a tambourine. She announced that they travelled all the way from Sweden to come play as she greeted the crowd. The band had a 80’s feel with the synthesizers along with drums and guitars. For their 3rd number, the singer said she knows the crowd wants to dance, and encouraged fans to have fun with their set. Spirited fans happily danced a long. Little Dragon really projected a positive vibe the was carried (within earshot) throughout the entire festival, with their abstract style.

Killer Mike and EL-P famously known as Run the Jewels, graced the Liberty stage next. Fans went nuts! RTJ entered the stage to Queen’s We Are the Champions asking the crowd to throw their famous hand gun and fist symbol in the air. Killer Mike added some humor, asking the crowd if they wanted to “Fuck shit up like Clubber Lang.” The duo had the crowd WHILING out with their fun upbeat party stage presence. Fans were loving every moment of their set. Someone threw a blow up doll on stage, and the guys had some fun with the toy dancing around on stage with it. EL-P mentioned he had family in the area and wanted them to hear everyone chanting RTJ at the top of their lungs. The crowd happily chanted along. Run The Jewels humbly thanked Jay Z and Budweiser for the opportunity to perform Made in America Festival. They were loving the crowd and the crowd was Run The Jewels_-7loving them. A beach ball made it on stage which EL-P kicked off stage as Killer Mike said “Oh shit! Fifa” and laughed. Before they played one of their songs, they said, “This is a Jewels show and people will jump around. If someone falls over you pick that motherfucker up.” They also mentioned to the men to keep their dicks and grimey hands off the girls, if they didn’t bring a girl with them or they will punch them in the face. They band also made sure to give a shout out Jay Z and Beyonce before they closed out their set. Run The Jewels really brought their A-game and put on one of the best performances of the day.

The Chainsmokers were up next! It was finally time for one of the more anticipated bands of the day to take the Rocky stage. The famous Edm-pop duo came out on stage with Co2 cannons going off while their light show began. They drew a HUGE crowd. It seemed like everyone stopped what they were doing no matter where they were on the festival grounds to turn around and watch the band perform. Festival grounds were packed! The band then dropped the beat as confetti cannons went off. The singer asked if everyone was ready and to put their hands in air. The crowd went crazy! The stage had an LED screen under the band flashing the name Chainsmokers with the screen behind them that looked like an anime sort of cartoon playing in the background with their music. Their blend of alternative and EDM music may seem a bit odd to some who are unfamiliar with that genre of music but nonetheless, it was a very catchy combination that everyone can enjoy. Pyro shot from the stage as the guys performed some of their hottest songs, both old and new. They performed Don’t Let Me Down, Closer, and Paris among some of their other greatest hits. The light show accompanying their setChainsmokers-5 was amazing to say the least. They really set the bar. They expressed their excitement to be performing the same festival, the same night, Jay-Z was performing. The crowd cheerfully sang along throughout the remainder of the band’s stellar performance.

Jay-Z closed out day 2 of Made in America Festival in Philadelphia PA. He finished off the festival starting with material from his latest album, 4:44. To the crowd’s surprise, Damian Marley made an appearance on stage as Jay Z continued to hype the crowd with some older material. Bright orange and yellow lights went off reflecting off of a huge silver balloon animal in the middle of the stage. Mr. Carter asked the crowd to put their phone lights up. The entire crowd was so beautifully lit it was certainly a sight to see. He made an announcement about supporting each other and “Taking the devils out of this earth” then proceeded with his track Lucifer. Jay even mixed it up a bit, performing a song acapella. Jay-Z stated that the crowd was loud as fuck and also thanked Philly being hospitable to NYC. He was proud and excited announcing that Budweiser Made in America festival was on it’s 6th year. Beyonce’ s birthday happened to fall on the same day as the last day of the festival so Jay-Z asked the crowd to sing her happy birthday. Jay-Z then followed up closing his set with more of his classics, finishing out with a strong close to the the 2nd night of the festival.

Review by: Michael Oxenreider & Liana Marie

Day 1: 

Cardi B


Francis and the Lights

J. Cole


Marian Hill




Vic Mensa

Day 2: 

21 Savage


The Chainsmokers



Little Dragon

PNB Rock

Pusha T

Run The Jewels

Tiwa Savage