107.7 The End Present’s Summer Camp Ft. Metric, Vance Joy, Bishop Briggs, LP & More

107.7 The End Present’s Summer Camp
August 12th -13th
Marymoor Park

If you live in Seattle and listen to alternative music, you probably often find yourself jamming out to 107.7 The End, they’ve been around since 1991! You’ve probably also found yourself at one of the many concerts they’ve put on over the years.
For the past 10 years they’ve been putting on an annual summer concert called Summer Camp and since last year it has turned into a two day event.
This year’s lineup consisted of 15 bands/artists. In my opinion, there really wasn’t a performance that wasn’t enjoyable despite the lineup being more diverse. On the first day we saw performances from Metric, Bishop Briggs, K.Flay, Bob Moses, Minus The Bear, Missio, Magic Giant, The Fame Riot, and the second day was Vance Joy, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, New Politics, Sir Sly, LP, SWMRS, Dude York and another performance from The Fame Riot due to Beth Ditto canceling last minute due to an illness. Keep reading to see who are favorite performances were and check out the photo gallery to see photos of all the artists who performed.
Shows-316The Fame Riot: This was my first time seeing them but I’ve been told to check them out for awhile and for good reason! The two brothers Liz Scarlett and Shazam “Tea Time” Watkins put on an amazing show that left a bold impression due to their colorful and shiny stage apparel and retro sound. Despite having early sets on both days the band performed excellently both days and gained tons of new fans!
Magic Giants-This was another band that gained a bunch of new fans due to their great sound and amazing stage presence. The Los Angeles based band is definitely a band you’re going to want to keep an eye on! They were actually listed as one of 10 New Artists You Need to Know this year by Rolling Stone!!! The band has a banjo-fiddle sound that will have you on your feet wanting to dance and sing along from start to finish, there was even a young girl in the crowd doing ballet! More often than not when everyone in a band is playing an instrument the band can lack stage presence but this wasn’t the case with Magic Giant. The band was all over the stage and vocalist Austin Bisnow even hopped down to the crowd during the chorus of Window and linked arms
with everyone in the crowd! We can’t wait to see where this band goes in the next few years!
Bishop Briggs– Now, I just have one question – How the heck does she run all over the stage and still sound so damn good? Seriously, it’s amazing I would’ve lost my breathe after the first song! It’s no surprise that she drew one the largest crowds of the weekend. Everyone in the crowd was rocking her signature hair style- space buns! It’s crazy to see how much she has grown since just last year. She was actually one of the first bands to perform at this festival last year! Her hit song Wild Horse had to be the loudest song the crowd was singing along to one the first day.
SWMRS– I caught SWMRS a month before this festival with All Time Low and had no clue who they were or that they would be performing at this festival a month later. Since that show I’ve become  a fan so when I realized they would be performing I was excited! It was refreshing to have a punk rock band perform after seeing indie artists perform all weekend. Not only did the band Shows-407put on a hell of a rock show with circle pits and all they also brought up important topics such as sexual assaults and political issues like the stuff that had been happening in North Carolina the day before.
New Politics– It’s no surprise that their piano broke down during the middle of one their songs when vocalist David Boyd was break dancing, back flipping, and jumping around every inch of the stage. This band sure knows how to keep the fans off their feet and entertained throughout the set. During their song Fall Into These Arms Boyd climbed had everyone singing the chorus and even climbed on top of the crowd to literally fall into their fans arms
Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness – Of course we saved the best for last! For a guy who is playing piano during half of his set this guy sure knows how to put on a show. McMahon had a bunch of props that kept the fans engaged during every song. Throughout his set colorful inflatable airmen danced to songs, beach balls bounced on top of the enthused crowd and it didn’t stop there! When McMahon wasn’t playing the piano he was jumping off of it or even better in the crowd with the fans! He not only rode a gigantic rubber duck on top of the crowd but also made his way through the crowd underneath a huge colorful parachute during one of hit songs Synesthesia!

We had a blast listening to great music all weekend long and we can’t wait to see what next year’s lineup looks like, hope to see you there!

Review by: Sarina Solem 

Day One: 

Bishop Briggs

Bob Moses

K. Flay

Magic Giant


Minus the Bear


The Fame Riot

Day Two: 

Andrew McMahon

Dude York


New Politics

Sir Sly


The Fame Riot

Vance Joy