Doro Celebrates 30 Years Of Triumph & Agony In Hollywood

September 16, 2017
Whisky A Go Go – Los Angeles, California

      German metal queen Doro recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the album Triumph and Agony for when she was in her heavy metal band, Warlock. She would be playing the album in full. On this special occasion, Tommy Bolan would join Doro on this short US tour since he is the original guitarist for the album. The world-famous Whisky A Go Go was the final stop on this five-date tour. By the time Doro was ready to come on stage, the venue was already packed with fans of various ages. it was set to be a night filled with classic heavy metal.

The lights went out and the crowd went wild as Doro and her band made their way to the stage and let the heavy metal take over as the band started the show with the Warlock classic, Touch of Evil. A great opening song and very energetic immediately made the fans erupt with head banging, raising their horns, and singing along as Doro unleashed her Rob Halford (Judas Priest)-like vocals into the audience. A very good start to a non-stop energetic show. Doro continued the show with the fast and shred-tastic I Rule the Ruins and kept the fans on their feet and going crazy. The band members themselves were very energetic. Bolan was shredding the night away with precision to his solos and never showed signs of slowing down. East Meets West, Three Minute Warning, and Kiss of Death kept up the heavy metal goodness that made Doro one of metal’s most respected musicians. One of the highlights of the night was when Doro performed the ballad, Für Immer. It means Forever in German and Doro dedicated it to the fans. Minus the chorus, the song is sung entirely in German and made for a beautiful sing along. Bolan continued to show his guitar skills as the band took a quick break to let Bolan shine and give the audience an ear-splitting guitar solo. Doro and her band came back out and continued the show with Cold, Cold World, Make Time For Love, and Metal Tango. The only song from the album that was left to be performed was one of Doro‘s anthems All We Are. Everyone was singing along to the chorus and the fans became one with the band. With the Triumph and Agony album finished being performed, Doro focused on other classics. Fans requested Burning the Witches which is Warlock‘s most famous song from their debut album of the same name so of course they had to play it and the fans went just as crazy and were screaming and singing along to the chorus. Fight For Rock, True as Steel, and Hellbound were classics that were welcomed by fans. The show eventually had to come to an end and so Doro and her band performed Wacken Hymne (We Are the Metalheads), a cover from the 70’s-80’s newgrass group Skyline and is also performed at the annual German metal festival, Wacken Open Air. Doro finished up the song and all the band members came up and shook hands with fans, handed out picks, and drumsticks. They bowed to the fans and left the stage as they looked out to all the happy faces in the audience.

Review by: Misael Ruiz