Epica Return To Los Angeles With The Solace System

Epica & Lacuna Coil
September 15, 2017
The Novo – Los Angeles, California

      Dutch symphonic metal band Epica released their seventh studio album The Holographic Principle in 2016. In addition, the band released six unreleased songs from the album in the form of an EP which was titled The Solace System and was released on September 1, 2017. Epica has been touring the world since the release of their latest album and once again made a USA tour for all their devoted American fans. Epica is known for always bringing with them a stellar lineup of bands, mainly of European descent and this time was no different. On this tour they brought with them Lacuna Coil from Italy, Insomnium from Finland, and Elantris from Ohio, USA. Even before doors opened, fans were gathered outside waiting for the bands to show up and for a chance to be up front on the rail. It sure to be a great show.

Lacuna Coil is a metal band from Italy and have enjoyed mainstream success in the USA for many years. Even if you don’t listen to metal, you’ve at least heard their name and know at least their most popular song, Our Truth. In 2016, they released their eighth studio album Delirium and received critical acclaim from fans and even reached #1 on the iTunes charts under the metal category. Plenty of Lacuna Coil fans were seen wearing the band’s merch so you know that there were plenty of fans in attendance. Lacuna Coil came out and started the show with the final track from the newest album, Ultima Ratio. The last member to come out on stage was obviously female lead singer Cristina Scabbia as she is one of the most popular female singers in the metal community. All the band members came out wearing outfits as if they were patients at an insane asylum which matches the theme of the band’s newest album. The band’s sound primarily dwells to a more gothic side and even alternative metal instead of the usual traditional heavy metal sound. The next track performed was the single Spellbound from their 2009 album, Shallow Life. Scabbia would perform her clean vocals while male vocalist and founding member Andrea Ferro would perform growling vocals on the band’s music. The audience seems to really enjoy Lacuna Coil even if they’ve never heard their music before or seen them live. Lacuna Coil would mix up their setlist with both new songs and classic hits as they played songs like Die & Rise, Blood, Tears, Dust, Trip the Darkness, and of course their most popular song, Our Truth. At the end of their set, Epica-12Scabbia let the fans know that everyone has their demons that they must face and that they are never alone and how she knows that all too well with the recent loss of both of her parents in less than a year. She let the fans know that the fans are always welcome at their House of Shame and so, the band finished their show with the first track from the new album, The House of Shame. Lacuna Coil thanked the fans for coming out and couldn’t wait to come back hopefully soon.

The lights went out and the fans roared with excitement as the instrumental intro track from the newest album Eidola (ancient Greek for image or phantom) played on the speakers while the band members made their way to the stage one by one. Epica started the show with the next track from the album, Edge of the Blade. The band was greeted with a thunderous cheer from fans showing their love and devotion to the band. The last member to come on stage and start singing was the band’s front-woman, Simone Simons. Aside from being one of the most beautiful women in the metal community, she also has one of the most beautiful and soothing voices you will ever hear and goes perfect with the band’s symphonic metal sound. It’s clearly her Dutch genes. The continued pleasing the fans as they played the fan-favorite, Unleashed. Simons greeted the fans made note to them about the band’s new EP that was out and to give them a taste of it, Epica performed Wheel of Destiny from the EP. Epica had a great stage setup to be sure that the fans had plenty to look at on stage. The light show was mesmerizing and different for each song to give you something new. Epica would play songs from throughout their catalog as they played hits such as Universal Death Squad, The Essence of Silence, Dancing in a Hurricane, and Unchain Utopia. The band has a very energetic stage presence as guitarist and founding member Mark Jansen would shred on the guitar and provide the male growling vocals for the band. Keyboardist Coen Janssen enjoyed playing on his mobile keyboard as he would go from one end of the stage to the other with a keyboard attached to a scooter. At one point he even brought out a curved keyboard for a quick solo and went out into the crowd for a bit of crowd surfing with his curved keyboard. A special event happened during the performance of Storm the Sorrow. Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil came out to perform a duet with Epica and for sure it was a special treat. Epica finished up the show with Cry for the Moon, then left the stage. Fans weren’t ready to go home yet and so they stayed put and chanted Epica‘s name. After a while, Janssen came out to chat with the audience about playing the next day in Santa Ana and showing his love to the fans. He introduced the band members and then the band played the first encore, Sancta Terra. Beyond the Matrix from the latest album served as the second encore and was a very energetic song. Simons thanked the audience for coming out and to finish the show, Epica played their almost ten-minute masterpiece, Consign to Oblivion. The band finished the song and stayed for a bit to greet fans, hand out drumsticks and guitar picks, then left the stage once again. Friday night well spent.

Review by: Misael Ruiz 


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