Joe Walsh Gives Veterans The Recognition They Deserve

Vets Aid
September 20, 2017
Eaglebank – Fairbank, VA

     For the first time ever, Joe Walsh from The Eagles brought Veterans and their families together to raise awareness for our disabled and non-disabled Vets. Not only does he do this for a great cause by his lonesome, he also brought along a few friends to help him out. A few friends including the very popular country artists such Zac Brown from the Zac Brown Band and Keith Urban as well as the incredibly talented guitarist Gary Clark Jr.

Opening up the night was Gary Clark Jr, and boy can that guy play the guitar.  With only a half an hour or so to play, Clark performed a good handful of hits of his such as Our Love and many more. Next up on the bill was one of the most popular country artist today, Keith Urban. Urban is known for many hits and his incredible guitar skills as well. At one point, two songs into his set Urban brought up a fan and vet and had him introduce his organization and told a little bit about himself. Urban played a good handful from his latest record Ripcord, a few songs consisted of Wasted and Blue Ain’t Your Color.

After Urban and Clark gave fans such an amazing sets each, up next was The Zac Brown Band, another popular band from the country music genre. The band took the stage and immediately the screen behind them featured a bunch of sugar skulls which JoeWalsh-8was really rad, the band opened up with Day of the Dead. Playing only an eight song setlist they managed to squeeze in a cover of  Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and their most popular single Chicken Fried to close out their set.

After each set was a bit delayed, it was time for the main set of the night, Mr Joe Walsh. Introducing him was a friend of his, and senator of Illinois, Mrs. Tammy Duckworth. After sharing her story and history with Walsh she is truly as inspiring as Walsh. After the heartwarming introduction Walsh immediately started off his set with Funk #49. Each set was fulfilled with excellent guitar skills and Walsh definitely proved he’s still got those magical guitar hands.

A nine song setlist played by Walsh and his band ended a bit after 12:30 am- it’s hard to keep track of time when you’re having fun and celebrating a good cause. To name a few songs that were in Walsh’s setlist: a cover of Sly & The Family Stones’ Everyday People, an original Eagles song Take It to the Limit and a few of Walsh’s own songs such as Turn to Stone and Life’s Been Good. To end the night Joe Walsh invited Gary Clark Jr, Keith Urban and Zac Brown back on stage for a jam session closing out the night with a cover of Neil Young & Crazy Horses Down by the River.

The first year of the VetsAid was an absolute success and next year I can only imagine it being bigger and better! Thanks for your services to all our Military men & woman out there and thank you to our vets!

Review by: Alyssa Howell

Gary Clark Jr

Joe Walsh

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