Satyricon Kicks Off Final USA Tour In Los Angeles

May 13, 2018
The Regent – Los Angeles, CA
      Norwegian black metal band Satyricon finally announced their first USA tour since 2009. The bad news is that the band also announced that this would be their final USA tour because they found it difficult to come to the USA and so they would be coming one last time to deliver black metal classics to their American fans. Fans were also happy to learn that the band’s drummer Frost would be joining the band as he is often not able to tour in the USA with Satyricon or his other Norwegian black metal band, 1349. The Los Angeles fans were so excited for their possibly first and last time seeing Satyricon that the show sold out weeks ahead of time.
The Regent in DTLA was well beyond packed by the time that Satyricon was ready to hit the stage. Satyricon came out and started the show with Midnight Serpent, the first track from their newest album, Deep Calleth Upon Deep. The band sounded great live and fans were more than happy to show love to the band by starting a mosh pit. Satyricon next played Our World, It Rumbles Tonight and fans continued to mosh and headbang to the band’s music. The third song performed was Black Crow on a Tombstone and frontman Satyr allowed fans to sing along to the chorus as he would hold out his mic to the audience. Satyricon kept up the black metal vibe to their show as Satyr would let out his evil black metal vocals which gives the band the traditional black metal sound. Satyr has especially been brave about touring overseas since in October 2015, he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Surely singing and performing takes its toll on the man. Regardless, he always gives it his all in his performance. Satyricon kept up the black metal warfare as they performed classics like Now, Diabolical, Walk the Path of Sorrow, The Wolfpack, and Die By My Hand. Satyr let the audience know once again that it was hard for them to come out on this tour, but here they were finally and for the last time. Satyr thanked the audience for coming out and the band proceeded to play one of the band’s well-known hits, Mother North. Satyricon left the stage and all seemed to be over. The fans stayed, cheered, and chanted the band’s name. After a little while, Frost made his way back to his drum throne and fans cheered as they knew they were getting an encore set. The first encore was The Pentagram Burns. Fans once again went wild and moshed to the music. The final two encores were Fuel For Hatred and K.I.N.G. and they were performed flawlessly. Satyricon finished their brutal set, bowed to their fans, and left the stage to be seen for the final time.
Review by: Misael Ruiz