Donna Missal Shakes The Troubadour

Donna Missal
September 25, 2018
Troubadour- Los Angeles, CA

    With powerful chops and fiery dance moves, Donna Missal brought the sold-out Troubadour down on Tuesday September 25, 2018. Her debut album This Time had only been released earlier in the month, but fans already knew the words to most of her songs, and sang along as she did. An emotional show for Missal, she stood in awe at the crowd of fans she’d never had before. The Jersey-born singer has been working long and hard, and it’s inspiring to see her career begin to take off supported by a loving audience that relates to her message. 

This Time, she writes on her website, is about self discovery. Her presence on Instagram often expresses such self-discovery, boasting photos of her dressed in gender non-conforming garb and androgynous expressions. This unapologetic existence has clearly found a way to connect to an audience that’s been yearning for more representation. The West-Hollywood Troubadour crowd proudly showed their true colors and felt free in the space she created. 

Previously on tour with present-day gay icon King Princess, Missal adds to the growing movement populating the music scene with company that represents humans as they are now. 2018 has been good to the music scene in this regard, slowly supplying the demand for more queer women on stage.

Donna’s performance left the audience wanting more. She sang her heart out with vocals that ranged from sweet and sultry to absolutely fierce. The emotional connection she has with her music is obvious, and stunning to watch. We’re left feeling moved and excited for the future. 

Review by: Jasmin Toubi 

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