Two Feet Celebrates His EP With A Sold Out Show In Los Angeles, CA

Two Feet
November 16, 2018
Fonda Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Zachary William Dess, better known as Two Feet performed to a SOLD OUT crowd in  Los Angeles, CA on a one-off show on November 16. Recently, the singer, songwriter and guitarist released his EP, A 20 Something Fuck which features the single I Feel Like I’m Drowning. 

With his guitar and hand, headband around his forehead, and DJ in the background, Two Feet performed a simple, but energetic set, which had the Fonda Theater swaying and singing along. He performed favorites such as Quick Musical Doodles, Love Is a Bitch and even performed Go Fuck Yourself twice in a row, mentioning that the song was too short, thus it needed to be played again. 

The short set also featured a cover of Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine and included an encore. Dess explained that he normally doesn’t do encores, but because this was his biggest sold out show to date, he had to come back up. Having played his entire discography during the evening, he re-performed I Feel Like I’m Drowning; No one seemed to mind. 

It’s nice to see such a multi-talented artist coming in and mixing electronic with live guitar and singing. Two Feet is the fresh taste that the electronic and alternative genre need and I’m excited to see how his career grows. 

Review by: Nicole Lemberg