Panic! At The Disco Pray For The Wicked In Los Angeles

Panic! At The Disco
February 15, 2019
The Forum – Los Angeles, CA

    Panic! At The Disco have been out on the Pray For The Wicked tour since July of 2018 and 7 months into the tour, it still seems fresh and new. Touring isn’t easy, especially for so long; It’s sometimes repetitive, lonely and difficult so the fact that Panic! was able to so genuinely perform their set on February 15 was pretty exciting. 

The band came out a performed a hefty set, 25 songs, plus 3 encores, all done with such precision musically and the showmanship of lead singer, Brendon Urie was captivating. Panic! At The Disco is a very broadway like band for me, they always reminded me of something I would see while watching a play in New York. Urie embraces the role, with his gold microphone, matching his gold suit jacket, belting high notes, any moment he gets. 

Production wise, Panic! At the Disco nailed it. Even if you don’t know all the songs, the production alone is enough to intrigue. From fire bursting from the stage to confetti flying through the crowd, my favorite part would have to be when Urie performed piano, as his piano and he floated around the entire Forum.

Los Angeles is notoriously known for having kind of terrible crowds- jaded industry folk and nonchalant fans, but from this show, everyone was singing along to almost every song, taking it all in. It was great to see younger fans too, which was a majority of the audience. They squealed in excitement as Urie did a walk through the audience, singing Death of a Bachelor, taking selfies and grabbing onto outstretched hands.  

Panic! At The Disco came and conquered in Los Angeles and fans left with a show they’ll remember for many years to come. 

Review by: Nicole Lemberg