P!NK Brings Her Beautiful Trauma Tour To Los Angeles

April 19, 2019
The Forum – Los Angeles, CA

   Pop legend, P!NK brought her Beautiful Trauma Tour to Los Angeles, CA earlier this May, to a sold-out crowd at the Forum. Many in the audience rocked P!NK’s iconic pixie haircut, showing how much they admired the singer/songwriter. The crowd itself was diverse but leaned toward the older crowd, fans who’ve been around and stuck around for a while.

P!NK’s set consisted of 6 acts, with included wardrobe changes, stage scenery and stunts. This show felt like more than just a concert- it was like an entire Cirque Du Solei show, with P!NK swinging from her chandelier to kick off the set with Get TheParty Started. Her acrobatics alone were jaw-dropping, but combined with her vocals which didn’t seem fazed by the extreme movements, it was simply amazing.

P!NK took a lot of time to engage with the fans- reading signs, signing arms, accepting gifts and high-fiving those lucky enough to be in the front row. She shared stories and somehow made a huge venue feel intimate.

Her set was diverse, with a majority of songs being from her latest release, Beautiful Trauma.

From her band to her dancers, to the acrobatics, and P!NK swinging through the entire Forum, this was a show, not a concert. P!NK has proven why she’s considered such an icon in the pop industry and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.
Review by: Nicole Lemberg